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Dunkin donuts on pleasant valley way in west orange is now kosher

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This happened yesterday. It is kosher under the vaad of metrowest.

It us right near the lubavitcher Judaica center and across from cbl fine arts

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  1. i dont know the area that well but will be there later in the week and it would be nice to not stop in the 5ts out of the way

    do u have an address- going to the kessler rehab center- is it near there

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      It's on Pleasant Valley Way, just after the intersection with Eagle Rock Avenue heading towards Montclair.

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        if you get off on exit 7 of 280w-go right you will soon go under the 280 underpass. You will pass Congregation AABJ&D on the right. Drive 1-2 minutes, there will be a shopping ctr on the right and a light which is eagle rock. Go through the light and the DD is on the right before the Burger King. There is a parking lot behind the DD.
        To go to kessler you go left.

        1. re: koshergourmetmart

          ok so first, that is a great location description

          also, i think i know where eagle rock is, ill check it out thursday night

          its a big help, bc i live in queens and head out to west orange and am supposed to pick up the dd, its much easier to go there than totally out of the way