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cookie dishers

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i know this has been addressed in a few other threads, which have been very helpful for sorting out what size i want (i'm guessing a #40 will make really reasonably sized cookies - and maybe meatballs? - and a #20 will be good for jumbo, bakery style cookies).

however, i still have questions about what brand, and from where? unfortunately there isn't a restaurant supply nearby (actually, that's REALLY good news for my wallet!)

i hear good things about the zerolls, but they're not spring-loaded. does it matter? should i go with the OXO i see on amazon, or is there something better?

i found some vollraths for reasonable price on the webstaurant.com site... but nearly $16 for shipping?! are you kidding?!

are the fantes scoops (or any metal scoops, shown here: http://fantes.com/ice-cream.html) going to give me carpal tunnel? all metal seems much less comfortable than plastic. i'm not using them all that often but when i do it's an all day bake-fest...

thanks in advance for any advice you have on brands or online stores...

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  1. I like the Vollrath plastic handled dishers. I like the spring. I have some that are all metal but they seem more subject to problems. I would shop around online and get on some mailing lists and you might get an email with free shipping. Also check for online coupons.