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Oct 15, 2012 08:55 AM

Raleigh Farmer's Market - Worth a 30 min drive this time of year?

I haven't been out to the big farmer's market in a long time (years) and I can't really remember what is there (other than a place that sells pork)? What kind of stuff am I likely to find there, and will the deals be any better than simply shopping at Trader Joe's?

I do have some good memories of unbelievably tasty tomatoes in summer, but that was years and years ago when I first moved to the area, and I know a lot of of Farmer's Markets these days involve people buying stuff wholesale off a truck and re-selling it at the market at a big markup.

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  1. Fresh apples this time of year are a huge hit for us. We used to go to the NC foothills to buy them. But why bother, they truck them in every day.

    That and fall squash are readily available.

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      Apparently there is a pick your own somewhere in or near the triangle region.

    2. Question is where are you coming from that is 30 mins out?

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          Why not just go to the Durham and Carrboro markets? They are two of the top rated markets on the East?

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            Hmm, it's been a few years since I tried the Durham one (have never been to Carrboro), it seemed pretty small, and VERY small compared to Raleigh. I realize size doesn't necessarily matter, but that was my rationale for trying a Raleigh trip.

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              Each market has a different feel. Smaller producers can usually only do one or two of the one day markets. Try several and see what works for you.

              If you do go to the State Farmers Mkt in Raleigh be sure to eat at the seafood place. Really good, really fresh seafood prepared to order.