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Oct 15, 2012 08:35 AM

Indie Ale House

Is finally open!!! am dying to try the sour beer. Menu looks good too - i had a friend in last night and he says the place is great...
Just a heads up to put it on your radar ; )

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  1. I went on Friday - very busy and lively. Took at look at the menu - didn't really find it too inspiring myself (with the exception of the bacon fat popcorn). Didn't matter though as they were out of food and apparently red wine also! (i know red wine at a brew pub - just wasn't in the mood for beer).

    That said, i live in the area and will definitely give it a another visit. Nice to have all these options.

    1. I went Saturday. It was very busy, loud. The food was either great - or not great but, it's early days. The beers were inspired and delicious. Loved the flight, was a great way to try everything on tap! Staff was super friendly.
      I will def. be back!

      1. went last night for a few hours ---
        they serve all the beers in different sized glasses depending on what you've picked. They also have a sample platter of about 5 minis which is about $15.
        Had the sour beer and really enjoyed it, as well as a barnyard ipa. I like the beers so no complaints there. Friend had a 'hipster' beer of some sort which he quite enjoyed as well.
        Vibe in the place is okay - the kitchen is a little bright in the back, could maybe use some good music as there was none to be heard just lots of chatter. Crowd a 30+ group for the most part, no kids but it was 8pm so not sure what the weekends are like. A bit more decorating and it could become a cozier place for sure. Decent selection of about 15 whiskeys or so too...
        The food was hit and miss - my friend had a mac and cheese with about 3 kinds of mushrooms that came with a small side salad. To me the portion looked pretty skimp for the $13 or so but he said it was tasty. He also commented when the burger came out a few days ago when he was in it didn't come 'dressed' ie/ no tomato or pickle etc. on the side - just a bun and burger with cheese. But he did say it was good as well. I opted for a 'double pepperoni' pizza. Not overly impressed. It was overcooked and kinda dry. I'll give it another shot though it's definately the kind of place you want to support as they're doing up some pretty delicious beers.

        1. Went last Friday as well and the place was packed! Beer flights were an excellent way to sample the offerings on tap (we tried them all - from porter to IPA to sour). Beers were beautiful - fresh, flavourful, no aftertaste. Enjoyed the mac and cheese and burger - and popcorn! Service was fast and friendly. I found the crowd to be quite diverse - a nice mix of Junction folk, beer nerds, families with kids, with the odd hipster thrown in the mix. I agree the room could use more art and I'd paint the pale walls a different colour - perhaps this is in the works... I believe the retail part of the brewery is open now.

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            I forgot to mention the bathrooms - damn they were bright!