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french fries

What kosher restaurant do you think has the best french fries?

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  1. depends on my mood- what kind of fries im looking f'or

    if i want a really crispy fry- la marais' are great
    but sometimes i want that really potato-ey fry and then im embarrassed to really like the droopy fries at grill point, dipped in to amba

    1. King of Delancy in Passaic. Nice and crisp, and thin, with the right amount of oilness

        1. Mexikosher in Los Angeles. French fries fried in duck fat! The french fries at Nathan's were great, but I believe all the Kosher locations have since closed.

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            Stuck in NY and genuinely jealous. le Marais has my vote for around here, but duck fat sounds ambrosial.

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              Purple Pear dairy restaurant has the best fries. The coating is crisp and very textured/bumpy. They are never overdone and they are served in a tall chrome cone with ketchup and tartar on the side. Best fries.

          2. i'm partial to the shoestring fries at prime ko, but for dairy-easy you can't beat pizza time on j

            1. I love the fries at Basil and at Pardes, which are quite similar to each other.

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                Am I the only one who hates the pizza time and purple pear fries? I cannot stand that crispy coating (and i LOVE well done fries) frozen fry. EJ's serves them now too and it makes me sad.
                The fries I really love, also frozen from a bag btw, are the fries at Tokyo Hibachi in Springfield. The guy working the fryer always gets them perfectly done whether they are crinkle or straight fries.
                Also, Bon Appetit pizza store in Brooklyn wins a vote for best frozen fry, along with Rabica (both do frozen shoestring fries perfectly cooked) in Teaneck.

                As far as fresh fries, would agree Basil does awesome ones.

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                  I don't really understand all the love in this thread for frozen fries. Sometimes they're decent, usually not, but I don't think they're ever 'the best' fry available.

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                    I think the main problem with fresh fries is how few people know how to do a legit-double fry, resulting in fresh fries getting a bad rep for being soggy. I know thats a main reason why I love frozen fries.. As far as fresh fries, I remember Gotham Burger also does really good fresh fries in the right (soggy-less) way.

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                      The definitive answer is Grill Point in Kew Gardens Hills, Queens. In Seinfeld-speak: "They were spectacular." They are not soggy. They are long and wide and have a very strong potato-ness. Not with a crispy coating, not shoe string, not frozen. Very fresh. Really terrific. And so was everything else at Grill Point. We love that place!

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                        next time- dip them in their amba

                        so good!

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                          I have a fear of Amba ever since I read that it can change a person's body smell. It has been a running joke in our family for years. My husband was addicted to it and kept an open jar in the fridge and I kept smelling him to see if things went awry. I finally threw out the jar behind his back and that was that.

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                            like permanently change a body smell?

                            never heard that

                            best sandwich at grill point

                            beef steak in pita with chumus charif and turkish salad

                            chips on the side delicious

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                              I agree about that sandwich, although I usually prefer chicken. Yes, from what I read, it is a permanent change in smell. Who knew?

                              1. re: cappucino

                                I think you'd have to eat an awful lot of amba to change a body smell. I have amba whenever I have falafel or shwarma, but I certainly do not smell like it. Maybe if you ate it day in, day out, but for the occasional eater, I wouldn't worry.

                                Even though I live right there, I don't think I've ever eaten at Grill Point. After this thread, I stopped by there today, to try the fries, so I decided to have them with a falafel. When I ordered, I was surprised to be told they came with the falafel. A whole falafel, fries, and a half-pint container to fill with salad for only $4.95! What a deal! Well, the fries were good, but not exactly the type I like; I would have preferred them a bit crispier. But the falafel . . . delicious! Recently a friend told me that Naomi's had good falafel, so I tried it. Probably the worst I've ever had. (The next day, I told her she owed me what I had spent for it!) Now I'll have to clue her in on Grill Point! I'll have to go back and try their shwarma sometime.

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                                  grill point will happily do their fries well done if you ask, but the majority of their fry orders go in to a lafa and for that youd want them less done apparently (i wouldnt know, i always ask for them on the side and crispy), so they default there

                                  the only problem with grill point falafel- is that its bsari, if youre ok with that- its knock out, also bc you can get additional salatim, unofficially, like turkish or baba on it,

                                  their turkish salad is insane- ive been trying to figure out whats in it thats not in others for years, and have no idea, but it tastes fresh even when i buy a container and put it in the fridge for a few days

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                                    >the only problem with grill point falafel- is that its bsari, if youre ok with that- its >knock out, also bc you can get additional salatim, unofficially, like turkish or baba >on it,

                                    Oops . . . I'm reading this as I finish eating chalavi (earlier than I would otherwise after eating bisari). Are you saying there's actual meat in it, or does it share the oil of bisari things, or what? I guess I should have assumed, or at least asked, but I wasn't thinking.

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                                      they use the same oil as they do for the chicken nuggets, is what ive been told

                                      there is definitely a sign somewhere int he restaurant,. or there used to be, that says that it should be considered bsari

                                      but no, im sure theres no actual meat in it

                                      damn, now i want grill point

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                                      Reading about Grill Point in KGH -- and I agree with all the positive vibes -- makes me laugh when I recall how absolutely awful the short-lived GP in New Rochelle was. Other than the name, the two had nothing in common.

                                      1. re: KosherKing

                                        omg i wish there was a like button

                                        went to grill point in new rochelle three times and every time was worse than the time before!

                                        on the french fries topic

                                        excited to head back to http://www.gothamburgers.com/ on thursday night

                                    3. re: queenscook

                                      I used to go to Naomis years ago (maybe 20 years!) and liked the falafel very much. I wonder if it's changed. I think Naomi herself is no longer living, by the way.

                                      1. re: serenarobin

                                        I'm an original KGH person and used to go to Naomi's 30 years ago. Recently, have been visiting KGH a lot and have been going back. It's exactly the same falafel and it's very good. I don't know why she doesn't like it. The falafel balls are the freshest I've ever had and are plump (not dry and lean). The salad is just what it is, but tastes less horrible than the normal "checked" salad that most places put in. The pita tastes better to me. It's good.