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Oct 15, 2012 08:29 AM

french fries

What kosher restaurant do you think has the best french fries?

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  1. depends on my mood- what kind of fries im looking f'or

    if i want a really crispy fry- la marais' are great
    but sometimes i want that really potato-ey fry and then im embarrassed to really like the droopy fries at grill point, dipped in to amba

    1. King of Delancy in Passaic. Nice and crisp, and thin, with the right amount of oilness

        1. Mexikosher in Los Angeles. French fries fried in duck fat! The french fries at Nathan's were great, but I believe all the Kosher locations have since closed.

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            Stuck in NY and genuinely jealous. le Marais has my vote for around here, but duck fat sounds ambrosial.

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              Purple Pear dairy restaurant has the best fries. The coating is crisp and very textured/bumpy. They are never overdone and they are served in a tall chrome cone with ketchup and tartar on the side. Best fries.

          2. i'm partial to the shoestring fries at prime ko, but for dairy-easy you can't beat pizza time on j