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Oct 15, 2012 06:29 AM

New Menu at Chego

Has anyone tried the new menu items at Chego? Worthwhile? I enjoy Chego (and I know that many members of these board abhor it), but was getting tired of the old menu.

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  1. Interesting. Especially the inclusion of new "bigger" bowls. Kind of going toward the Hawaiian food model with added scoops of rice to give more "bulk" to your buy (and your waist)...

    1. I've tried:

      Smashed Kabocha Cup - pleasant surprise
      Mushroom Egg Rolls - good, but very doughy wrapper and salty sauce
      Chicken Adobo Bowl - solid
      Kung PAU Noodle Bowl - kind of bland to me
      The Chego Man's BBQ Bowl - good; skirt steak was cooked well

      I have my reservations with Chego as well, but still enjoy it quite a bit from time to time for lunch, since I work nearby in Century City. Some of the dishes still suffer from what I think Chego's biggest problem is to me: excessiveness; not portion-wise, but rather too salty here and too many ingredients there. That being said, they were different enough to breathe new life to the menu.