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Oct 15, 2012 06:13 AM

Solo dining at the Bar near Burrard and Georgia

I would appreciate a recommendation for a great spot to eat solo at the bar near Burrard and Georgia on a week night. Many thanks

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  1. My favorite spot is La Brasserie on Davie Street, between Burrard and Thurlow. The "bar" looks over the kitchen. It is a great show, and the Alsatian-themed French bistro-style food is excellent.

    You also might wish to consider a couple of places in Gastown, including the new Wildebeest and somewhat older Abbatoir.

    1. as a lone business traveller, i always feel safe and no awkward "reading material required" at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver lounge - lots of chairs to choose from - easy to fit in. Hotel food, granted.

      1. I'd go to an izakaya - very Vancouver and a lively atmosphere.
        There are many around, but this one is very close to your hotel:

        Alternatively the Sardine Can and Nicli Pizzeria are both excellent food + bar options (both in Gastown, so a short walk/cab away

        1. If you want to stick right in the Burrard/Georgia area, the bar in the Yew restaurant at the Four Seasons is very nice with a great West Coast menu (albeit hotel pricing).