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Oct 15, 2012 05:30 AM

Food Delivery for Dinner Meeting in Concord, NH


I'm looking for dinner time food delivery for a weekday evening meeting in Concord, NH. We used to use In A Pinch, and now use D'Angelos, and are just looking to mix it up (ie, I'm hoping for something better). Chinese and Pizza are easy to find but not the right kind of food for this dinner meeting (little too messy). We've gone out an gotten burritos, that was great, and good quality sandwiches would be good, but it needs to be available for weekday evening food delivery (around 5pm). That last piece seems to be my biggest hurdle. I live down on the seacoast so appreciate recommendations from locals - thanks!

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  1. Have you tried Butter's? I had a sandwich there once that was phenomenal, I just don't live close enough to make it a regular lunch.

    1. You might try Bread & Chocolate in downtown Concord, (603) 228-3330. I don't know what their hours are, but they are known for great sandwiches. May be worth a quick phone call. Also, the Barley House (full menu restaurant, downtown) is another place that might be able to arrange delivery.