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Oct 15, 2012 12:26 AM

wheres the best/cheapest place to taste out some of this jamon iberico pork

have seen it on some different menus like e, and some others joel robuchon etc, whats my best deal and to make sure i am actually trying the real thing ?

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  1. if nothing pans out, it can be ordered on-line in small (or honking large) amounts to try at home. given the title of this thread, I get the sense it's something new for you, if you like Serrano or Prosciutto, you will love it in any presentation.

    1. I'm confused. Your "nick" suggests that you vacation in LasVegas, rather than live there. Wouldn't it be easier, not to mention less expensive, to buy some in your local supermarket or specialty store where you live, rather than buying it in Vegas?

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        AFAIK, it's not likely you're going to find the real item in your, or anybody's, local supermarket. Conceivably a place like Wegmans might have it (East Coast), but that would be about it.

      2. To ensure that you are trying the real thing, you will need to rely on those that are willing to put their reputation behind it - Julian Serrano and Jose Andres being at the forefront for that particular product. But it will not come cheaply from them. You can get "Jamon Iberico de bellota" from Andres' outpost at Jaleo (Cosmopolitan), which runs $24 for an appetizer portion. And at Serrano's property at the Aria, "Pata Negra" is $38. But while the best of the best is sublime, some of the "lesser" grades are awfully good, and can come in at reasonable price points.

        1. Your best deal is to go out and buy it yourself. Ideally they will slice it in front of you off the whole leg. Whole Foods typically stocks more in prosciutto, but they may have some Iberico. You won't get anything good at regular chains, even if the pre-sliced packages say "Iberico" I'd probably pass.

          I think your best bet in Vegas is here:

          Artisanal Foods
          2275 E SUNSET RD, LAS VEGAS, NV 89119
          OPEN MONDAY - SATURDAY 9 AM - 5 PM
          702 436 4252

          They have Iberico De Bellota by Fermin, which is probably the best you're going to get outside of Spain and NYC. I know Jose Andres (e/Jaleo/China Poblano) uses Fermin as their supplier, can't speak for Robuchon.

          If you go to a restaurant looking to try it, I would suggest Jaleo (where e is) They have a flight of three types, ranging from Serrano < Iberico < Iberico de Bellota. Cost: $38 It won't be much food, but you'll get to try all a decent range of them, and its definitely authentic.

          Jaleo @ The Cosmopolitan

          Off-topic, but If you happen to be in NYC for whatever reason, they hand slice this good stuff at:

          408 Broome Street
          NY, NY 10013

          When I went about a year ago, they were the first one to bring a different brand than Fermin. Cinco Jotas (5J) Super expensive, but they'll let you order just a few slices. And both the Fermin and the 5J from there was delicious.