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Oct 14, 2012 10:19 PM

Remember Spenger's when it was Spenger's and not McCormick and Schmicks?

I recently had an old friend do a big favor for me and want to take him to dinner as a thank you. He said "Remember the salmon with egg sauce at Spenger's". I said "No, but I was addicted to the lobster thermidor served on boiled potatoes that you could get in the 'to go' place. Any places like that still exist that are good quality? Even Tadich Grill, Scoma's, John's Grill menus don't seem to have the combinations of rich newburg or eggy sauces and sea food (and for me, boiled potatoes). Will travel many miles from Berkeley to find a place (preferably on public transport). Don't want healthy or nouvelle. Any help from fellow chowhounds would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. Maybe Sam's. They have filet of sole a la Marguerey.

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        I was going to mention the sole a la Marguerey at Sam's. To me, THAT is worth a lengthy BART ride!

      2. Lobster Thermidor substitute Michael Mina Lobster Pot Pie?

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Hi folks, please pardon the interruption.

            Just a quick note that we've deleted a few nostalgia-focused posts from this thread.

            Chowhound's mission is to help everybody eat better right now, today. Nostalgia posts are fun, but they usually end up making threads chatty, taking a lot of space and diluting Chowhound's effectiveness.

            If you have any suggestions for the OP as to where to find a similar restaurant to Spenger's, by all means DO add them here, but please go easy on the nostalgia.

            Bah humbug,

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