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Oct 14, 2012 10:09 PM

Tvorog (quark, etc) in Canada (Atlantic Canada in particular)

I spent the last decade in Russia, and really miss TVOROG of various kinds.

Mostly, the 'pressed cottage cheese" variety, but also the softer smoother (usually sweetened dessert) varieties. I think the smooth kind is pretty much equivalent to "Quark"...

By any chance does anyone know where similar soft cheeses can be purchased?

Moncton, NB area...

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  1. At the Dieppe Farmers Market (Saturday mornings) there is a couple who sell their hand made dairy products, made from goat and cow milk. I have seen Quark in their case.....the butter, yogurt and gouda are all delicious......I don't remember the name of their's near Nick the Dutch Baker.

    1. In NS, Fox Hill Cheese in the Port Williams area produces quark.