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Oct 14, 2012 08:06 PM

Sunday brunch in the French Quarter

Looking for some type of drink specials with a 3-4 course brunch. No buffets, please! And obviously, good food!!

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    1. re: Gizmo56

      I second the recommendation for Muriel's.

      1. re: Gizmo56

        6 bucks for a well mimosa or bloody mary? they could do better. myself, i prefer the $3 mimosa specials you find here & there...(after all it's typically the cheapest sparkling wine and commercial OJ)

        1. re: kibbles

          Yes, I learned long ago that good sparkling wine is pointless in a mimosa because the flavor is overwhemed. So I never order them.

          $6 for a Sazerac, on the other hand, is hard to beat.

          My suggestion was based on ALL of the criteria, not just the drink specials: Sunday brunch, French Quarter location, multi-course brunch offering, no buffet, good food.

          I suppose that you can find $3 mimosas "here and there," but "here and there" is not a specific recommendation that hits all the stated objectives.

      2. Muriel's sounds good. As for the drink specials, I was kind of looking for like $20 drink
        All morning !

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        1. re: Meganburris

          If you really want $3 or $4 drinks, head to Buffa's Sunday Jazz Brunch.

          It is not in the FQ, but it is right across the street from the perimeter of the FQ, on Esplanade.

          The food won't be as good, and it has more of a bar atmosphere, but if having three Sazeracs at Muriel's for $18 is not going to be enough morning alcohol, a bar atmosphere may be more appropriate anyway.

          Check out their brunch menu: