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Oct 14, 2012 07:14 PM

Woodstock, VT suggestions

Hello all! Looking for dining suggestions in Woodstock, VT. From gastropub/casual dining to fine dining suggestions please. Thanks!

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  1. Lots of options - Simon Pierce in Quechee (just east of Woodstock) is perhaps the best, and best known. It's upscale and in a very scenic setting.Excellent food and service. I've heard a lot of good things about Prince and Pauper, which would also be considered fine dining. Bentley's is another well known spot in Woodstock - Victorian decor, mid priced, food is usually good. For something very casual and different, the Ankgor Wat is fun - a byob Asian place a few blocks east of the downtown. Interesting menu, very friendly staff, just a few tables. If you're will ing to drive a bit, the Jasper Murdoch Ale House in the Norwich Inn in Norwich Vermont is an interesting place. It's a tiny brew pub with some nicely prepared, eclectic dishes.

    1. We never miss the Prince and the Pauper when up for Dartmouth football games.
      Best bar around and outstanding bartenders.
      We eat at the bar and I'd give you some eating suggestions but everything on the menu is wonderful,especially the appetizers.
      Some nights we just eat our way through the appetizers.
      For fun afterthe game we head to bentley's.
      A loud,fun crowd and lots of chatter with interesting people.
      The menu is more of a bar menu if you're bar-sitters like our gang is .
      Great burgers,meatloaf, and their specials are usually different and wonderful.
      This is the place you want to wind up the night;theyserve late,and the location is perfectly downtown Woodstock.

      1. Definitely Simon Pearce, which isn't far from Woodstock. The Mountain Creamery in Woodstock used to be good for breakfast, not sure if that's still the case.

        1. We are in Woodstock now and have eaten our way around the area, here are some of the weeks highlights...
          Long Trail Brewery-for the special porter garlic wings they were YUM!
          Bentley's- Basic bar food with an excellent bloody mary, and nice upbeat staff. Good sandwiches, meh flatbread.
          Simon Pearce- Always the gem of our visit. Fab staff and views. Had the special trout with home made hash, so good....and HB had Sheperds pie which was good.
          King Arthur Flour- AMAZING treats, bread and salted caramel cupcake. Delish sandwiches and coffee! A MUST visit. Took a baguette home (multi seed) it was amazing.
          Yama (Hanover NH) So good Bibmbap (got it with raw egg) and excellent sushi in the land of meat and potatoes!
          Going to Mariams today and Harpoon brewery.... enjoy!

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            Hello all, thank you for all the suggestions.

            Our time was limited as we were in the area for a wedding, but we were able to enjoy wonderful meals during our stay. We had dinner at the Parker House Inn, which had an inventive menu, beautiful ambiance and the food was delicious. Every dish that each member of our party ordered was just exquisite.

            We had after party drinks the next day at the Bentley, which had a great atmosphere and good bar food. We had breakfast at the Mountain Creamery; good meal, although we got there 5 minutes past breakfast hours and they refused to let us order breakfast. (It really was only 5 minutes past...seemed a bit rigid.) Regardless, we look forward to returning to the area! Thanks again.

          2. what about good sunday brunch/lunch options in Woodstock?