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Oct 14, 2012 05:03 PM

Where to buy some homemade gravy midtown Toronto

Made garlic mashed tonight and my son kept asking for gravy. Any ideas where I could purchase a container of homemade gravy to re-serve them tomorrow! Nortown? Summerhill Market? Cumbrae's? I saw the McCormick's mixes. etc. but am not interested in those. Thanks.

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  1. Pretty sure that Summerhill Market and Cumbrae's both have gravy made in-house as regular stock items. Also Butcher's Son. I would tend to think that any upscale butcher or gourmet food shop would carry it, though I'd call first to double check.

    1. Pusateri's has fantastic gravy.

      1. Longos has all kinds of home made gravys
        if you have deep pockets.

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          Summerhill Market carries it and there open tomorrow, Christmas Day.

          Apparently they had open in order to keep up with the over 5000 turkey orders they plan to fill.