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Oct 14, 2012 03:17 PM

2 questions: Ethiopian north of Eglinton & yogen fruz candy in bulk?

Looking for two things here...

1) Are there any decent Ethiopian restaurants in midtown or north york?
I know they are mostly in the Bloor-Christie and Danforth-Pape area, and a handful on Queen Street maybe, but I am wondering if I can find a place north of Eglinton, between Jane and Vic Park or Woodbine (say between 400-Black Creek & 404-DVP)
I searched on yelp and didn't see any.

2) Is there a store that I can pick up yogen fruz smoothies yogurt candy (36 pieces in a tin) by cases? I don't have membership for Costco or Mr. Case and don't have a friend who has the membership, but I don't mind going to a store or online.

Thank you in advance...

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