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Oct 14, 2012 03:14 PM

Why does Ben & Jerry's become frozen as ice?


I was wondering, why is B&J as hard as ice whenever I take it out of the freezer? It's frustrating because I end up having to wait a while before I could scoop any ice cream because it feels like a lump of ice.

Some of the cheaper ice creams I used to buy tend to usually stay soft (not too soft though).

Is this because the B&J ice creams have less air content? And is there a way to store it so that it doesn't freeze up like this?

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    1. re: babette feasts

      What would turning the freezer up accomplish? Wouldn't it just freeze anyway?

      1. re: Caleb

        I think babette means increasing the temp. Maybe your freezer is too cold. I keep mine a little warmer than the recommended setting on the dial because of this reason--I hate chipping ice cream out of the container.

    2. Is this because the B&J ice creams have less air content?
      Many years ago I toured the factory and I remember the guide telling us the above.

      1. What Cleo said plus higher fat content. Cheaper ice creams are more whipped and since air doesn't freeze, its easier to scoop. High fat content ice creams are denser too.

        1. I think it's the freezer temp because in my old freezer B&Js was soft (I couldn't change the temp on that one) and with my new freezer I turned it to "colder" (thinking I could make ice faster) and my B&Js is rock hard now!

          1. My dad used to microwave it on a low power for a few ? 20-30? seconds and it would soften nicely.