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Oct 14, 2012 02:36 PM

Shabbat in Paris Oct 26/27 2012

I will be in Paris for this Shabbat. Are there any restaurants open to serve Shabbat meals in the Marais where I will be staying? Or any carry out places I might be able to use? Has anyone experience with this?

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  1. Shabbat at the Chabad on the Champs Elysees is wonderful. We did this in June. I suggest you contact them beforehand via email to let them know you are coming.

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      Thanks, Savta, but I am concerned that might be too far for me to walk. Also, and please don't take offense, but I am already an observant Jew--ile. observe Shabbos, cover my head, etd. and have found that Chabad people can be very zealous (as they should be) but I am comfortable with where I am in terms of Judaism. Was there a lot of talk about the rebbe and things of that sort?

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        In my experience, eating a Shabbos meal at a Chabad is different than being preached to. They know their audience, and if it's mostly frum people, they target things that way. If it's an official Chabad (on's website), it ought not to be outwardly meshichist; I've been to a couple of those, too, and that's much more uncomfortable. Bear in mind that if they target tourists, the vast majority of the crowd won't be Chabadniks themselves. The food is generally homey - nothing amazing, but definitely a reasonable Shabbos meal. Perhaps the Parisian one is more gourmet!

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          thanks, Gila. I may give it a try if I can't find something else. I usually have places to be when I travel over a Shabbos, but I don't know anyone in Paris. Will let you know what happens.
          Kol Tuv

    2. Another option is Rafael Restaurant in the 17th Arrondissement. They have a Friday night meal option for 50EUR but I can't actually vouch for how good it is since I haven't actually been there yet - was planning on eating there when I am there for Shabbat in December.

      ETA - just re-read your post and saw you are staying Marias so this might be too far...

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        I was at Le Rafael in August for Friday night (and posted a review as part of a larger post), and must say it was worth the 50 euros, if you're staying close enough to make the walk afterwards. We stayed in the madeleine district and took a metro before shabbat, then had a nice 40 minute walk back to our hotel, which we needed after all the food we were served. Had lunch at Chabad shabbat afternoon, and though very different, was nice as well. There were perhaps 100 people there for lunch, and my wife and I ( who are modern orthodox) were at a table with 8 other observant Americans. Food was decent and family style, and about half the price of the meal at Le Rafael. To figure out if its all walk-able, probably best to googlemap it from your hotel. Both meals were lovely, so enjoy!

      2. I ordered a nice meal from Etoile des Terne -- they even delivered it to my hotel before Shabbat. The owner went above and beyond to accommodate.

        1. I'm also in Paris this Shabbat. I called le rafael and they said they are not open his week due to lack of bookings. Would be great if you are a big group and convince them to open.