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Oct 14, 2012 02:35 PM

Wolf and Lamb-Manhattan, any recent reviews?

I just received a notice that our family foundation will have a Sunday evening dinner meeting at Wolf and Lamb next month. I haven't been. Any of our fellow NY CHs been there recently and what can you either recommend or warn to avoid. Most feedback I see is about the Brooklyn location.

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  1. It's been a couple years since I've been, but I was happy with the steak I got. I want to say it had a Jack Daniels sauce, but it was a couple years ago.

    1. I was there for dinner over the summer. I had a burger, one companion had steak and mashed potatoes, and one had a grilled chicken dish. My burger was cooked well, and the bun and veggies were good, but I felt that it was missing a sharp/crisp onion. l tasted the mashed potatoes--delicious. My companions were pleased with their meals. The service was excellent- a very attentive waiter and staff who filled our water glasses and cleared promptly. One person ordered dessert- some sort of chocolate cake I believe- and the waiter brought three forks. I had a satisfying bite or two.
      The atmosphere was steakhouse-like, woody, dark, but not super fancy. It pretty quiet when we were there, but looked like it could get loud with a big crowd. Overall I think it's a good choice for your meeting. Not sure if there are a lot of vegetarian options if that's a concern.

      1. I've never been impressed by it, and don't see what others see in it.

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          Was there a few months ago. Had the assorted slider main, which was pretty good.

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            since I asked for both positive and negative, what didn't i press you when you ate there?

            1. re: bagelman01

              Sorry, but only been there once and what I had was good. Dont really know what to avoid.

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                that's ok, my reply was to zsero who was unimpressed

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                Nothing really impressed me. I ate there a few times, many years ago, and the food was OK but nothing special, the prices were on the high side for what it was (mostly because of the location), and after a few tries I just decided there were so many other places where I actually liked to eat that why bother with this place?

            2. Bagelman, did you have your family dinner yet? If so, anything you would recommend? My husband and I were contemplating going to Wolf and Lamb tonight for dinner. Haven't been there in a few years. My only reason for going would be that I have $50 credit from The caveat is that it can only be applied to entrees, no burgers, sandwiches salads, or appetizers. 1 entree is already $30+. Obviously these things are just to get you in the door and spend more, but I'm willing to go and spend more out of pocket if it's worth it.

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                The family foundation dinner was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. Too many family members were affected in the Rockaways, Brooklyn, LI and NJ. We've decided to not reschedule and take the $100pp budgeted for the meeting and give it to relief efforts. Next meeting is at my home this summer, another NYC restaurant meeting won't occur until Nov. 2013.

              2. I find that the Wolf and Lamb burger is the one dish on the menu that particularly stands out - it's amazing. Everything else I've tried was good, but the burger was really fantastic. Also, the atmosphere is tasteful - somewhere I would bring non-Jewish friends.

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                1. re: PotatoPuff

                  I actually agree. I've always liked the burgers I've had there very much.

                  1. re: DeisCane

                    Havent eaten there in ages - I used to work right across from Wolf and Lamb in the late 90's - so I had at the time tried just about everything on their menu. The one item I remember well was their marinated chicken - that was the item I always came back for.

                    Their deli sandwiches were a bit underwhelming - you would get a much more stuffed deli sandwich and Mendy's than and Wolf and Lamb.