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Oct 14, 2012 02:35 PM

Western Mass next weekend

We'll be staying in North Adams at Porches next weekend (Sat-Mon) and I wanted opinions on our itinerary.

The current plan is to go west on 90 and hit the Rockwell Museum and the Red Lion Inn for either a late lunch or snack/drink before checking in.

Dinner Saturday night at Public in North Adams.

Sunday we'll go to the MASS MoCA (looking for lunch ideas) and then drive to Williamstown to visit the Clark Institute. Dinner Sunday night at Mezze.

Leave Monday and take Route 2 back to Boston, stopping to see the flower bridge in Shelburn Falls. Looking for lunch ideas and any other sight seeing ideas for this drive.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Have lunch on Monday at the Wagon Wheel in Gill. You will be happy.

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    1. re: magiesmom

      Agreed. Shelburne Falls is lovely and a great place to visit, but everything is closed at lunch time on Mondays, except for McCuskers Market, and I just don't love their lunch sandwich choices. Wagon Wheel is about 15-20 minutes east of SF, but well worth the wait.

      1. re: hilltowner

        people's pint in greenfield is also open monday and has an excellent lunch <<>>. it is a cash-only situation, however.

        1. re: fatheryod

          I second People's of my favorite places to eat, without a doubt.

        1. re: trufflehound

          I've never had breakfast there. I try to go for a meal which can include a milkshake ;)

          1. re: magiesmom

            and what's wrong with a milkshake for breakfast??? :)

              1. re: ChinaCat

                We have them all the time.
                We just call them smoothies before 11 am! :)

                1. re: cowgirlinthesand

                  I grew up having homemade (yeah, we had a store quality milkshake machine) chocolate milkshakes for breakfast. My parents justified it by insisting on a raw egg in the mix. Yum.

        2. Your itinerary sounds great. I would recommend The Hub on Main St. in N. Adams for lunch after MASSMoCA.

          The last time we went to the Bridge of Flowers we ate at the little place at the end of the bridge, on the Buckland side - West End Pub. It was a very cozy lunch spot and the food was good.

          Another place for lunch is the Foxtown Diner. It's right in the middle of Shelburne Falls on Bridge St.. I haven't eaten there but a new owner took it over several months ago and I've heard good reviews.

          It's fun to stop in Lamson Sharp while you're in Shelburne Falls if you like kitchen stores. It's also on the Buckland side just down the street from the Bridge of Flowers. And of course you must visit the glacial potholes! They're on the other side of the traffic bridge in the town of Shelburne Falls.

          Not much to stop for on the rest of Route 2, but it's a pretty drive.