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Oct 14, 2012 02:18 PM

For those that have or used Viking cookware

While not published or stated.....does it have the Silvinox finish ?
While Dem. seems to have done a 360 on their purpose built, purpose design philosophy on clad vs disc bottoms compared to their SLT lineup, I'm curious to know if the Viking made pieces have the Silvinox treatment.

I'm don't care about the silver finish. I'm just always AMAZED on how easy it is to clean ....

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  1. Picked up the Viking 6 Qt Saute. Pretty nice for a 13" pan....

    Not official, but a *feel test* of the surface - does not impart that Silvinox finish feel....
    Nevertheless, love the 13" footprint I'm getting out o this pan

    1. I have the roasting pan, a saute pan, and 2 fry pans (an 11" and a 13"). No Silvinox that I know of. But keep in mind, my only point of reference as to this treatment is "less fingerprints", and I'm judging this largely on the fact that my Vikings get covered in fingerprints.

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        It also depends on their lineup.....when the originally came out, it was all made in Belgium.
        Then the trickle down effect - some pieces were made in the far east. I did not pay much attention to their 3 and 5 ply line and COO. Their 7 ply is/was made in Belgium. Their roasting pan was made in Belgium and I'm pretty sure it's all made in the far east...

        The only time Silvinox might be applied would be if it was by Dem.
        But like my other post, the new saute pan I received does not appear to have it.
        It would have been a extra ~bonus~ if it did. It won't be a daily but when I need the surface area, at least I have the 13" in my lineup - Finally !