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Chicken Livers John Shinn

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This was a delicious recipe for sauteed chicken livers and bacon that appeared decades ago in the New York Times (not the cookbook, the newspaper). It also contained either sherry or another fortified wine, and possibly mushrooms.
My husband's favorite --- dropped it for years because of diet ideas --- but now want very much to make it again. Does anyone remember it? Maybe even have the actual recipe stashed away somewhere?
I'm going to try and approximate it tonight, but last time I tried it wasn't as good as the original. So if someone can come up with it sooner (best) or later (okay) I'd be very grateful!

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  1. This is similar - you could use sherry instead of white wine with no issues:


    My mom makes it with chicken livers or calf's liver, depending on which one was on sale that week.

    1. Sorry I cant help, but does indeed sound delicious! I hope someone comes up with the recipe, but please post your results. I adore chicken livers and chopped chicken liver(in moderation), ever since I was a child. My grandmother would always cook up the chicken livers from a roaster with carmelized onions, and she would parcel them out to us on pieces of toasted rye bread....mmmmm, a favorite childhood foodie memory.

      1. This is the closest to your description that a quick search turned up: http://www.yummly.com/recipe/Sauteed-...

        1. Thanks to all for enthusiasm and recipe ideas. I kind of conflated things, and used my memory as well, and it was ---- okay. Could be lots of reasons for this.
          1. livers were not up to my standard for quality, even though I soaked them in milk for 20 mins (another suggestion found in the recipe hunt).
          2. The actual recipe included something I left out, or left out something I put in. Maybe the bacon, somehow it didn't taste like the right addition.
          3. And most likely --- memory plays tricks and tastes change. So even if I had the original John Shinn standing at my shoulder --- it might have been a little disappointing.
          I still love chopped liver, which I can make in my sleep with NO recipe. So I guess I'd better be grateful for that!
          And again, thanks so much, chowhounds. It's always a pleasure to know a bunch of people are out there ready to give counsel and encouragement!

          1. I'm curious, who is John Shinn?

            1. Part of the problem --- who knows?
              Craig Claiborne had many friends, including many who were really good cooks. Maybe could be called amateur chefs, but they weren't professionals. (It wasn't the day of the corporate professional chef yet.)
              So John Shinn was a buddy who made this delicious chicken liver dish, and Claiborne featured it one day in the food section of the Times, as he did many friends. They didn't write cookbooks, they didn't own restaurants, they just loved food, and loved to cook it. And that's all I know!

              1. In Clairborne's The New York Times Cookbook (rev. 1990), there is a recipe for Bacon and Chicken Liver Appetizers, in which cooked and pureed chicken livers, blended with sieved hard cooked eggs, butter, cognac, lemon juice and chives, are spread on strips of bacon which are then rolled, fastened with toothpicks and grilled under a broiler. Is this the recipe you're looking for?

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                  No, this sounds kind of like chopped liver on speed!!!!! The other was more conventional sauteed livers, just really really good of its kind.
                  But this one's interesting. I've never encountered a recipe quite like this, Jannie!