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Oct 14, 2012 01:37 PM

Peanut oil in Vienna?


I'm planning a visit to Vienna next year and I just saw a YouTube video in which a restaurant owner specified that he uses peanut oil to fry wiener schnitzel. I'm very allergic to nuts and nut oils. Is peanut oil typically used in Viennese cooking?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. No not at all.

    The best Wienerschnitzel is fried in ghee and in a pan, not in a fritter !!
    Of course they do not call it ghee, but "Butterschmalz".

    Peanut oil is very expensive oil, most restaurants will use either traditional butterschmalz or - more likely - some less expensive oil, like palm oil, sunflower seed oil or rapeseed oil.

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      At the Lusthaus in Prater they serve Wienerschnitzel "baked with butter in the pan" !

      I am quiet sure they do not use butter, but run butter, i.e. butterschmalz ...

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        Thanks a million for the great answer and link! I read so many of your previous posts and took copious notes. Yesterday, I spent several hours reading hotel and apt reviews. Finally, I've found an apt near Riemergasse that will enable us to sightsee in cold weather and also be within comfortable walking distance of several of your suggestions.

        This will be our first trip to Vienna so we look forward to sampling some traditional as well as modern fare. My list includes: Gausthaus Poschl, Plachutta, Vestibuel and the Sacher Rote Bar. The list for cake and coffee is way too long to reproduce here! Of course, my wife will be the one doing most of the cake-eating since I have to avoid nuts.

        On the subject of cake, I used to love getting a slice of apfelstrudel from my local bakery. Unfortunately, they started adding nuts to the recipe. Is it typical to have nuts in apfelstrudel? From Tripadvisor, I've gotten the name of a chain bakery (Stroek) that apparently doesn't use nuts but I was hoping that I could enjoy it at some nicer cafes (eg Oberlaa, Heiner, Gerstner etc). I emailed Cafe Demel and Cafe Residenz. They both indicated that nuts were used.

        Thanks again!

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          This was easy: the Cafe Landtmann presents their recipe for Apfelstrudel on the Internet, and it is WITHOUT any nuts:

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            Thanks again, Sturmi! I looked at that website but missed the recipe page.