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Oct 14, 2012 11:50 AM


My mother and I are cooking through Mike Isabella's Crazy Good Italian.
I've had success finding most of the ingredients at GrandMart, but am at a loss as where to find squid ink, saba (I thought my local liquor store carried it, but I was wrong, and mortadella. I live in So MD, but work in Arlington.

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  1. For mortadella, Wegmans. They have an excellent selection of cold cuts.

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    1. Try The Italian Store on Lee Hwy and Spout Run in Arlington. They have good Mortadella, not sure about the others.

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        Thanks! I've never been, but I've read a lot about it on this board. does it just have prepared food,, or does it also sell groceries?

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          It is a small Italian grocery store. They also make pizza and Italian subs, but they mostly sell Italian groceries, including fresh pasta, cured meats, olive oil, wine, etc. They have great Italian sausage.

      2. for mortadella, i like arrowine's…preferring it over that from italian store.

        arrowine may even have the squid ink, if i recall correctly. give them a call, or stop by.

        1. Saba you can get at Dean and Deluca. Squid ink, as far as I could find, can't really be sourced locally, but you can get a nice big tin of it on Amazon, and saba is available there as well. I prefer the large jar to the individual packets. A little goes a long way, but it lasts, basically, forever. It was about $35 for a year's worth.

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            Thanks so much! I'll go to Amazon then for squid ink.

          2. Went to the Italian Store yesterday and found saba and mortadella. I guess I should not have gone on a Saturday, it was off the chain crowded! The line was too long to get something to eat, so I ended up having lunch at BGR next door. It was ver good, thanks for the help!