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BGR Burger Joint, Mt Kisco

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A sleek addition to the spate of burger places sprouting up all over the metro area--

Was in Mt Kisco and decided to try it for lunch. It was 2:05PM-- OOPS! Their lunch special ends at 2PM! Seems a bit early, should be 3PM if you ask me--

So it was a la carte for us. We had the plain burger, and the Cuban. Burgers cooked to whatever temperature you desire. Rare is cooked rare! (No 5 guys garbage here!)

The results-- a well-above-average burger, cooked on an open flame (most these days are cooked on flat steel), very flavorful, very juicy. Good size, probably about 6 oz. A little pricey at $7.99 for the plain.

One low point is the menu description of the fries-- "Double fried". When we asked about it, the employees were a bit dumbstruck-- they do NOT double fry, they were not aware of that description on the menu, and basically it was a "duh" moment in there. We ordered the "single fried" fries and they were fairly good, not exceptional.

So this place has its good and pad points. Good burger, a bit too expensive, lunch hours are too short, and the misleading fries description--. I wouldn't go out of my way to go back, but if I was in the area (and before 2PM!) I would probably scarf up a burger there.

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  1. it's been covered here before; but I find the place extremely average at best.

    there are many better burgers, usually for less money, and the atmosphere of the place is near non-existent.

    Mt Kisco Diner has as good a burger; and that's nothing special either.

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      Have either one of you ever tried Westchester Burger Co on 117?? They have noce burgers there. I did not like BGR to charcholed for my taste.