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Oct 14, 2012 10:04 AM

Local Bottled Water Question...Miami

Thanks to the posters on this Board, I have a short list of restaurants to try (or avoid) over the next three days while in the area, on business. I'm staying at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel (1601 Collins Avenue) and am looking forward to following the food recommendations while I'm here (flying back home late Wednesday night).

Along with my food exploring, I'm trying to buy bottled water for my daughter's collection. The bottles need to be plastic (for safety) and sized around 16.9 fluid ounces, or so. She has 339 different water bottles in her collection and, with most of the national labels already accounted for, I'm trying to find regional and/or private labeled bottles.

Since stopping at every eatery or business I pass and asking if they sell their own "brand" of bottled water is an impossibility, I'm hoping you can help. If you can think of a restaurant/business that has it's own privately labeled water (or carries an unusual brand) and is in the same general area as the Loews Hotel (I won't have a car), I'd appreciate knowing about it.

As you can guess from the paragraphs above, the water doesn't necessarily have to have a restaurant's name on it. Regional waters sold in retail stores and other non-restaurant related waters are also fair game. Even if I have to buy a six-pack or a case at a grocery, drug or liquor store and keep one bottle for my daughter and give away the rest to whoever is leaving the store and wants it for free,that's OK.

Although I won't be arriving at Miami International Airport until Sunday afternoon, I believe I've already located one place to stop...thanks to Google. It seems that The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. carries their own brand of "Brooklyn" labeled water and I will be making a point to stop there and buy one.

Any help in finding others would be GREATLY appreciated! I'll be checking back here often to see if there are any suggestions



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  1. It is ubiquitous, at least down here, and is now marketed by Nestle, but Zephyrhills water (which you can probably find in any grocery store) originally was sourced from a natural spring in a town in central Florida called - yes - Zephyrhills, and I think it still all comes from Florida spring water sources.

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        Thank you for the Flywheel Cycling info! Almost couldn't find them until I saw they are listed as Flywheel Sports.

        I called to make sure they were the same place and had their own brand of water. Was told they only give the water to members but, when I told them about the water bottle collection, they said to stop by and they'd give me one.

        The business conference I'm here with takes up all my time but I'll be sure to stop over there on Wednesday, after the conference wraps up.

        Thanks again (from me and my daughter). Just the type of bottle I never would have located without your help!


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          My pleasure. Just an FYI - Pubbelly is right around the corner from flywheel if you are picking up the water bottle around dinner time.

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        You're is ubiquitous in this area of the U.S. With the marketing muscle of Nestle behind it, it's almost impossible to avoid this brand (just like other Nestle waters, such as Arrowhead and Ice Mountain, are in other sections of the country). Although Zephyrhills is already in the collection, I really appreciate your taking the time to respond to my inquiry.