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Indian Restaurants [Moved from Vegetarian & Vegan board]

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Looking for great Indian food anywhere in Manhattan. Thanks.

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    1. I enjoy the vegetarian lunch special at Dawat.
      I also like the vegetarian lunch buffets at Madras Mahal and Chenai.
      And Saravanaas as mentiond on the previous post.
      And the vegetarian lunch at Moti Mahal (I think that's the name) on Lex. at around 63rd.

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      1. I like Sapphire's vegetarian dishes. Broadway near 60th Street.

        1. That's right in my neighborhood. Thanks.

          1. Tulsi & Devi are both quite solid, though I haven't been to the latter of the two in awhile. Tulsi has a great 7-course veggie tasting menu that changes seasonally for (currently) $65, a pretty reasonable price for what it is - and lots of veggie options on the regular a la carte menu as well. Chef Mathur himself is a vegetarian so he puts a bit of extra effort into them, I think.

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              Be careful here. Suvir Siran and Hemant Mathur are not, as far as I know, involved with Devi any longer. It is now directly operated by the Baluchi chain. I have not been in a year or so, but those I know have found the food to be much less than it was. I think the world of Hemant and have loved Tulsi when I've gone, but I havent been there for quite a while either and have heard that he has not been in the kitchen all that much, although no one has reported a drop in the quality of the food.

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                I thought Saran was still somewhat involved in Devi but it seems you're right... he's completely out.

                Mathur isn't at Tulsi every day, I'm sure - his executive sous is more than capable - but it's been excellent the last few times I've been (probably more recently than you, by the sound of it.) We actually saw & chatted with him there last time we went for lunch, a few months ago, so he's around.