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Oct 14, 2012 05:39 AM

A Parisian restaurant open on Sunday night for a special anniversary

Hi Chowhounds. I'm a newbie to this site and already I'm needing your help.
My husband and I were married in Paris and next June celebrate our 30th anniversary with a return to to that lovely city. We've done a lot of travel in the intervening years but have not been back to Paris. We would like to go somewhere special but not too overblown (we'd prefer not to have to sell our first born to pay for dinner), however our anniversary falls on a Sunday which means 80 percent of establishments will be closed.
We are staying in st germain des pres but don't mind travelling on the metro to go elsewhere. My French is rusty to almost non-existent but am willing to put in the practice. I suppose by that comment I mean I wouldn't want to go anywhere where they were impatient and horrid, yet at the same time don't want to go to a "tourist trap". Please any suggestions? By the way happy to do lunch. Look forward to your replies.

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  1. We celebrated hubby's 50th birthday at La Grande Cascade 2 years ago. They have a menu du marche which includes 3 courses, 2 glasses of wine, mineral water, coffee, amuse and mignardises. Beautiful surroundings, warm yet professional service and very nice solid food made our evening a success. What we appreciated the most was the welcome they gave us even though we all ordered the least expensive menu and were not spending anything extra on wine (except for a couple de champagne from the champagne cart to start). I know people around us were spending 3 and 4 times what we were, but the waiters were charming, funny and really added to making our meal a success. They thanked us on our way out for allowing them to be a part of our celebration. Pure class. We found this was a perfect way to enjoy a Michelin meal in sumptous surroundings and keep the costs contained. I think this menu is now 96 euros per person, but that includes everything.

    Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated 30 this year as well.


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      Thanks Jo. That price point sounds sensible. I'm happy to spend up to 150 euros per head for a special meal but I do have real trouble with the notion of paying say 800 euros for a meal, as I've seen some chowhounds mention (that's $1200 Australian). I love food: eating it, reading about it, cooking it, but I think 800 euros is a bridge too far. So, if anyone can bear this in mind when making their suggestions that would be fab. By the way is L'Astrance in that super expensive league?

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        My meal at L'Astrance with a few glasses of wine cost @ 270 euros for one. OTOH l was not happy, and as long as l am in a crabby mood, l did not like La Grande Cascade either. Had the 'inexpensive menu' with two others and with mediocre wine to match the mediocre food, tab was just under 600 euros.
        It would help if you would tell us whether you prefer old style French, new style with odd yet wonderful wines, or full blown molecular or lastly beautiful food and room that requires a lunch meal to avoid selling your children.

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          Hi Deluca. Thanks for your post and good to hear your views. In response to your question re. style of food, I would probably say we tend to prefer light and modern rather than old style French. Hubby likes to try different wines but on the whole we are not big drinkers (happy with a bottle between the two of us, max). I have been following chowhounds' many recommendations, but the Sunday dilemma remains. Look forward to hearing from you.

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            What didn't you like about L'Astrance, Deluca?

      2. Gagnaire is usually given as the Go-To place Sunday nights around here (not by me, too much food for this tired stomach).

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          Pierre Gagnaire's website says the restaurant is closed on Sundays. Is this to keep tables free for Chowhound users or am I otherwise confused?

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            "Is this to keep tables free for Chowhound users"