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Oct 14, 2012 04:14 AM

Breakfast in KGH Queens?

No one answered the last KGH post, but I really need the rec this morning, so please provide. I do not like Kosher Corner (way too expensive, small portions). Thanks.

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  1. bagels and appetizers? not an actual restaurant but they have a small counter with seats

    i think that might be it for your options in kgh

    expand a bit and u have bagels and co on 1800th and union and muscat on union and 179th, and the other bagels and co on 26th and bell (better parking of the two bagels and cos)

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    1. re: shoelace

      Just for accuracy's sake, in case anyone is trying to find Bagels & Co. . . . it's on 188th St. and Union Tpke. There is no 1800th anything in Queens. (Perhaps a slip of the finger, but with addresses, accuracy counts.)

    2. Turnpike cafe on union turnpike. Shakshouka is great and they bake their own pastries.

      1. I followed your advice to bagels and co. They had a paper menu and I didn't see much on it so I ordered a pumpernickel bagel and tuna. When I sat down, I saw Paninis and other hot stuff and asked them about it. They said it's on the menu and it was not. Finally, I found a plastic menu hiding on the counter and saw the full menu. By then, I had already gotten my pumpernickel bagel which was filled with caraway seeds (not a fan) and I gave up entirely. Very rude. Bagel was supposed to be toasted. It was cold.

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        1. re: cappucino

          they are super rude, but ive never not liked the food

          im not a pumpernickel person so i cant speak on them but im suprised you didnt like the food

          sorry for the bad rec!