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Oct 14, 2012 02:50 AM

Dinner in Paris with No Reservations?

I spent weeks scouring this board for dinner recommendations, did my homework, and sent a list to my concierge. There was a miscommunication, and instead of booking me for each night, she only booked me for the first night of our stay. Now we are here in Paris on the weekend with no restaurant reservations. We had a seafood tower at Bofinger on Friday (we are staying down the street and it was pouring rain, otherwise I would have made a better effort), then ate at Les Cocottes last night and had a wonderful time - the wait on a cold Saturday night in the rain was only twenty minutes, which was fine with us. Is there a good option for a Sunday night with no reservation? I don't mind waiting in line for an hour, spending a lot of money, traveling across the city, or eating at 9:30, I just want a nice meal. We have tried many of the restaurants in recent threads for reservations, but nobody had anything. I know there are probably a lot of nice restaurants with availability at 9:00, but my wife is sick of me looking up places on my computer all day while we're supposed to be enjoying the city.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Another no booking on a weekend is Le Compoir du Relais around the back of Odeon. I am not certain when it closes on Sunday night so head out earlier rather than later, but as an emergency fallback it is reliable, and better than your last two meals.

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    1. What a shame! So sorry to hear that. These are open on Sunday but you would still need to call and reserve:

      Pierre Sang Boyer
      Terroir Parisien
      La Grande Cascade (for a fun/fancier experience)
      Chez Casimir (cheese plate!!)
      Le Chapeau Melon
      Les Fines Gueules

      I can only think of three others off the top of my head that don't take reservations, so you can just show up, but I'd suggest getting there early since it's Sunday night:

      Le Comptoir du Relais
      L'Avant Comptoir (standing only)
      Cafe Constant (you already went to Cocottes so I'd try others)

      I'd say spend 5 minutes trying to call some places, and if everyone is booked, then just decide to go early to one of the other places and enjoy your day in Paris. Good luck, hope you find something that you enjoy!

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        Pierre Sang Boyer also does not take reservations. Arrive before 7pm or be prepared for very long wait. Run search on it here to get reviews.

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            would you recommend pierre sang for lunch? I'm deciding about going on either a saturday for lunch or sunday for dinner...

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              I've been there twice for lunch and like it a lot.

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            Also, chez Casimir is not open for Sunday dinner.

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              Pierre Sang Boyer is now closed on Sundays. According to his Facebook page.
              Tant pis.

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                Yah well he served left-overs then (see Heidi Ellison of Paris Update) which is not everybody's cuppa.

            2. For today I'd call Axuria as soon as someone shows up and see if they can fit you in. The Ciel de Paris is huge and also open 7/7

              1. Thanks everyone!!! We were at the Musee d'Orsay until they closed at 6:00, had an apertif, then walked over to Le Comptoir du Relais around 7:30 and had a fantastic meal. I was ordering and eating solidly for three hours - I couldn't get enough. Everything was excellent! We did wait in line to sit down for about thirty minutes, which was fine with us. As a side note, there was no line on this cold night after about 9:15, and people were still sitting down for dinner until about 10:00. Even if we had to wait for an hour it would have been worth it.

                Chowhound never fails me.

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                  Excellent; tout est bien qui fini bien.

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                    Glad to hear it! What did you order?