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Oct 14, 2012 12:15 AM

Please help me figure out this cake and frosting recipe!

My husbands birthday is coming up and I wanted to make something special. There's a d'agastinos nearby and they sell this birthday cake that is out of this world.
1. The cake is stale when cold but at room temp it's perfect. I don't taste butter so it must be oil, it's also not heavy so I'm guessing it was made in "the two stage method"
It doesn't taste light enough to be a sponge or chiffon and neither or those could hold up the shape and frosting.
2. The hard flower on the top that melts in your mouth is delicious. I have tried researching it and found candied rose, fondant flowers but I don't know which one it is or how to get it/make it
3. The white and colored frosting is the best part. I looked on the ingredients and it mentioned sugar and fondant. It doesn't taste like fondant and its actual frosting, not a layer placed on top of a butter cream. I've tried making it but haven't succeeded :( it's not buttercream as it has no trace of butter, it's not the icing where you boil milk and flour then add to buttercream, it tastes like confectioners sugar but its not hard like royal icing.
What could it be? Has anyone ever tried this cake? Or know what kind of frosting it might be? I've been on a hunt for a year trying to figure it out

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  1. You said the place was local? I've had excellent good luck just calling or going into a restaurant/bakery, and asking. Some places will be glad to give you the information you are seeking, because they view it as a compliment. Others won't give up a word because they view that as thievery; they don't want you to replicate theirs, they want you to buy it there!!
    As I said it's worth a try. Best of luck, ak165.

    1. Good morning! Not sure if any of these are your cake, but D'Agostino's has a recipe search feature:
      Bon app├ętit!

      1. Did you ever find out what the cake was and did you attempt to make it?

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          I'm still working on it. It's a cake made by Dutch maid bakery in MA which gets delivered to numerous supermarkets. I took a pic of the ingrediants and did some research. The icing is made from egg whites, sugar, water (syrup) and shortening. This icing is usually called a bakery frosting but I find it best with a mix of butter.
          As for the cake, I find butter better than oil and shortening in a cake. Also using the reverse creaming method results in a moister crumb which has Been my favorite cake.

          1. re: ak165

            Cool - thanks so much for the info; I'm intrigued!