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Oct 13, 2012 09:23 PM

Locally made jam

Can anyone recommend a particularly good jam? I've tried a few from vendors at the Ballard Farmers Market, but was not impressed (so many are low sugar, which I think is a terrible idea for jam). And supermarket thanks. There has to be someone locally that's making good stuff (alternately, is there something special not made locally but locally available). I didn't feel like taking the time to make my own this summer and now I regret it!

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  1. Since you mention Ballard Farmer's Market I presume you've tried Deluxe Foods. How about Sakuma Brothers?

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      The Deluxe Jams sound great--I will look for those at Picnic or Savour! Thanks.

    2. Christy have you tried the Aldrich Farms jellies, preserves and jams? I discovered this Bellingham gem at the Everett Farmers Market in 2011 and have enjoyed their products this season as well.

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        In Seattle, it looks like they are only in Fremont. I'll have to check them out. Thanks.

      2. there are several makers of jams/jellies/preserves at pike place market every weekend and often during the week starting a chukar cherries and woodring next to sosio's and extending north into the arcade past city fish.

        1. I am pretty picky about jam, too, and my "go to" grocery store jam is Trader Joe's house brand Cherry Preserves and Hero Orange Marmalade (I find it at DeLaurenti's but it is available in other places). Last year a local jam maker sold her excellent plum jam at Leschi Market, but I have not noticed it there yet this season (but since we canned close to 40 jars of plum jam this summer I have not been on the lookout for it - neighbor's ancient plum tree fell down from the weight of the plums and, well..., yeah, had to do something with all the fruit). Agreed, summer fruit and berries are done for the season, but tis the season now to make apple or pear butter, quince jam or jelly, or a bit later into winter, citrus marmalades.

          1. I don't know if you're looking for something that's more artisan, but my favorite storebought jam is Freezerves freezer jam, which is made in Seattle. I used to buy it at QFC, but their website says you can also find it at Metropolitan Markets and Top Foods. It's usually next to the frozen fruits.


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              That sounds worth a try, thanks.

              1. re: christy319

                +1 for Freezerves. Their seedless raspberry jam bursts with fresh berry flavor.

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                Another vote for Freezerves. Seriously, it tastes like home-made freezer jam.