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Oct 13, 2012 07:43 PM

good place to buy dried morel mushrooms?

Anyone know of a good store to buy dried morels of decent quality at a decent price in NYC? It's not something I ever get so would appreciate input from anyone who would know.

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  1. I found dried morels for the best prices on ebay. There are "shroomers" that regularly sell them there, and they are of very high quality. Read the feedback to make sure you're getting a high quality seller.

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      That could be a source. Would prefer to see what I'm buying though, so if there's a place in town where I could get some, I'd like to know it.

    2. Pretty much any major (but decent - not, like, Key Foods) supermarket. Whole Foods usually has them, and is much cheaper than, say, Dean & Deluca.

      1. Manhattan Fruit Exchange at the Chelsea Market has some of the best prices I've seen anywhere for dried mushrooms.

        1. Fairway. If it's convenient, you might try the mushroom people at the Union Square Greenmarket.

          1. Don't forget to check where the mushrooms come from...