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Oct 13, 2012 06:52 PM

Terrific Thai in Eagleville

My family went to the recently opened Mango Tree Bistro in Eagleville. We had a delightful meal! The owners used to work for Thai Orchid in Bluebell. The menu is similar with a few Asian fusion additions. I had the house special, Sea Bass in a very nuanced Mandarin Orange sauce with just a hint of heat. It was served over perfectly steamed Bok Choy, with asparagus & rice on the side. Phenomenal! We also enjoyed 4 appetizers between the 3 of us, highlighted by the fresh spring rolls served with a warm yellow bean sauce for dipping.

Excellent meal, really cute atmosphere, BYOB. Unfortunately, the restaurant was empty, albeit we were there early.

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  1. That sounds great knappy. How would you compare it to Thai L'Elephant? Do they lean more to the fusion side?

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      I have not been to L'elephant. It compares favorably to Thai Orchid & Thai Aroma. In that range.

    2. I finally made it to The Mango Tree today for a very late lunch and was not disappointed. Greeted by my charming server, Kim (who may also be part owner), I was the sole patron at 2:25 which allowed for an extended conversation about regional variations and ingredient preferences of Thai cuisine with my hostess. For my luncheon choice, I ordered the Tom Kha soup and the chicken Massaman curry at $7.95 all-inclusive. After recounting my almost hospitalization for a capsaicin overload years ago in Bangkok, Kim brought me a complementary Tulip Dumpling appetizer with sweet sesame sauce along with my soup. Both were excellent and attractively presented. My ample portion of curry was served with sticky rice with Kim noting the tubers used in Thailand (a variety of Asian sweet potato) are not available here necessitating substitution of yellow potato. The creamy coconut sauce was nicely balanced and could've been kicked up a notch in heat although Kim probably cautioned Chef to go easy. I was also treated to a Thai iced tea with my entrée. For all of the freebies and informative conversation, I concluded my very satisfying meal expressing thanks with a generous gratuity. Overall, I find Mango Tree to be a welcome addition to the neighborhood and wish them all due success. As related by the OP, the owners have been associated (possibly family members?) with Thai Orchid in Blue Bell and Chiangmai in Conshohocken, so this is no start up. All Hounds are urged to give Mango Tree a try.

      P.S. One perplexing issue is the enigmatic parking situation due to the unwelcoming Do Not Enter sign at the front of the establishment. Patrons are urged to turn at Oaklyn Ave. next to the restaurant and enter the lot from the rear. The exit from the front directs traffic east on Ridge Pike. There are also limited spaces in front of the restaurant although entry requires walking around to the side and coming up the ramp. Not a user friendly arrangement but that's the way their landlord wants it.

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        I've never replied to myself before but it is in order. Over the last few visits, I have found The Mango Tree to be an excellent Thai dining experience and only hope Hounds can give it a helping paw. I've provided a four-star rating and review (they deserve five) on the other site (that begins with "Y") but their computer algorithm has filtered out five star reviews and comments. These can be viewed by clicking the "filtered" tab but are not posted as they are "suspect'" due to the influx of high ratings so soon after Mango Tree opened. I really want this little gem of a restaurant make it considering the sucko location and parking lot enigma that might discourage prospective patrons (see my review for directions.) Anyway, the cuisine is excellent and the atmosphere most warm and friendly.

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          Thanks for the update Chef Paulo. Look forward to trying this new place soon. Hopefully word-of-mouth, along with glowing reviews will fill those restaurant seats.

      2. Going here tonight and I wanted to point out there is printable coupons on their site:

        1. I have gotten take out twice now from Mango Tree and have very happy with the food. Generous portions and the food is very fresh and tasty. I love the Drunken Noodles. Mango Tree is now my Thai place to go to!