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Oct 13, 2012 05:20 PM

Marché EPICURE..... anyone went there yet?

While we were visiting friends I noticed a flyer on the kitchen table from marché EPICURE
they are located at 5252 Paré in Montréal
On the flyer it said in french "Esprit de l'europe" or "Spirit of Europe"

I'm curious to know if someone went there and what's the concept of this place.

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  1. Nice place for mainly eastern European products - they have a lot of imported stuff and also a counter with cold cuts and sausages - also, they have different breads and some cooked meals as well. I would say its like a small Adonis for Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, Austrian and German products.

    I was happy to see another European grocery store in Montreal when I went there a few weeks ago and I will for sure go back !

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      Thank you FortyMan. Looking forward to check it out. cheers

    2. I've been there too. I had a great time browsing. I ended up buying half sours (yum) and everything sour cherry that they had (whole-fruit sour cherry tea was $2.00). Service was very friendly (albeit a bit slow). Of note: when I went they had pickled watermelon - something that I only ever ate at my friend's Romanian parents place. I've been looking for the chance to go back.

      1. hey, there is a great deal on team buy Canada right now - you pay 15 $ and you get 30 $ to spend on their products

        1. After my first visit, I was happy with my meal at the hot plates and salads counter area.

          But Epicure is totally a misleading name for this place. They have alot of work to get to that standard.

          It's just another market and I believe health inspector will warn them soon for having to much stuff out in the open. I passed on buying coleslaw salads as you don't know who was there before you and what he/she did since it's self service.

          I will go back for a hot meal during lunch when i'm in the area. It was cheap eat and better than fast food.