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Oct 13, 2012 05:17 PM

Cheval or Beef Tartare Tonight?

I thought I was set on Shabu Shabu at Kagayaki (since I have not found it inToronto) but suddenly got a hankering for raw meat. Any suggestions not too far from St Catherine and Jeanne-Mance?

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  1. Marché 27 makes pretty good tartares. They have a location right on Phillips Square but I prefer the one on Price Arthur.

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    1. re: Spiff79

      I second Marche 27, although its been ages since I was there last, but tartare is their specialty. They *used* to offer horse, but its not on their menu anymore.
      If'n you want horse, a google search might bring up whats current.

    2. My favourite beef tartare is at Holder on McGill. My second favourite is at Verses in Old Montreal

      1. Thanks for the suggestions! Where we're you when I needed you last night. lol!