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Oct 13, 2012 04:13 PM

é by José Andrés vs. WD-50 (and other notable molecular gastronomy destinations)


We're going to Vegas in November and will be celebrating my partner's 30th birthday while there. Of all the notable restaurants I've read about é by José Andrés sounds the most fun, but it's also one of the more pricey outings. I think we'd be willing to fork over the money if we thought it would surpass our experience at NYC's WD-50 earlier this year—or was very different. We did the tasting menu at WD-50, sat at the bar and had a great time, but I wonder if because both José and Wylie are both molecular gastronomy chefs, the experiences would be similar.

Has anyone dined at both of these restaurants. Would you recommend é if we had recently been to WD-50?

Also, what's the beverage program like? We enjoy drinking, but tend not to get wine pairings so we can chose the wines/cockails we'd like.

Thanks, looking forward to your feedback!


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  1. I've dined at both restaurants (WD-50 in February 2012 and e in April 2011). While I enjoyed most of the food at WD-50, the entire dining experience was much better at e. Intimate setting at e, with only 8 guests seated around a counter watching the chef prepare all of the courses. Service at e was excellent too. I chose the non-alcoholic beverages, and one of the servers poured me tastes of all of the wines at no charge. Food was better at e. e, however, is more expensive. If I had to choose between the two as to which I would return to, even though I live in NYC, I would choose to return to e on a future visit to LV.

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      Thanks for your thoughtful reply. After reading your comment and other threads about e, I am convinced we should go there. We decided to skip going to a Cirque show so we could enjoy a fancy meal and it sounds like this is the most entertaining of options in Vegas.

      I noticed you recently commented on a thread about Momofuku Shoto in Toronto. Please let me know if I can help you with your Toronto food/drink planning when you decided to visit.


    2. We went to WD-50 September 2011 and e in April 2012. I believe that if you enjoyed WD-50 you will enjoy e, and they will not be redundant. The food origins (Spanish vs New York) and experience are very different. The chefs are directly in front of you at e, and there is ongoing interaction with the chefs and other guests. Even though you sat at the bar at WD-50 and e is counter-seating, it is different in that all guests are experiencing the same courses at the same time, almost like at a dinner party. I enjoy wine pairings with tasting menus because I like not having to think and make choices; they know their food and wines and can do it better that I can. If you want to keep the price down or do not want to drink much alcohol, however, there were a variety of beverage options, including the aforementioned non-alcoholic pairings (very creative!), and the drink choices were presented to us pre-meal via iPad.

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        Thanks for your response! I like pairings as well, I just find myself quite drunk afterwards and unable to properly appreciate the last few courses of food. I'll be interested in seeing their beverage menu. Maybe we'll do one non-alcoholic pairing. Thanks again!

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          Yes, I'm with you on one of the drawbacks of wine pairings! As much as I preach pacing in the pre-game, I admit I have no clue what the final dessert was at e.