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Oct 13, 2012 02:20 PM

Tex Mex or Mexican recommendations

I am off to Vegas and I want the best tex-mex or mexican food available. All advice appreciated ....and any other interesting ethnic food would be appreciated

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  1. Vegas doesn't have any good traditional mexican food. Mundo has fantastic modern latin food. I love it there. Tacos Gordo, Tacos Mexico and a few other places around town offer decent tacos but not as good as a many other places in L.A. For Tex Mex not too many choices and none I've found worth recommending.

    1. Another vote for Mundo! Especially Happy Hour at the bar.

      1. A strong second on Mundo if you want up scale dining at a reasonable price. If you want to try a "hole in the wall" then I would recommend Los Molcajetes located at Eastern and Owens. There are several threads on this board and plenty of Yelp reviews. They do not have a full liquor license so you are limited to beer and wine. The combination Molcajete is very good!

        As I recall Westie posted some pictures from Los Molcajetes...

        1. Casa Don Juan on Main
          I would skip Tacos El Gordo
          El Jeffe is good
          There are a ton of Mexivan restaurants in town, as well as trailers/street vendors. One I want to try is on the corner of Bonanza, and LV Blvd. They always have a line,and the adobada looks good from the street. We also have a lot of other Latin American countries represented.

          What do you consider bad/good Mexican? Anything in particular that you are looking to try?

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          1. For good TexMex I second Cafe Don Juan.

            For good Mexican...
            Los Molcajetes
            1553 N Eastern Ave
            Las Vegas, NV 89101
            (702) 633-7595

            Border Grill at Mandalay Bay Hotel.