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Oct 13, 2012 02:11 PM

Your favorite NOLA culinary neighborhood

I live in what I consider a culinary neighborhood. I can hit most spots on Magazine between Jefferson and Louisiana (i.e., Coquette, Ignatius, Bulldog, etc) on foot, or further afield (i.e., Juan's or Bridge Lounge in the LGD or Lillette and Bouligny Tavern more Uptown) if I am feeling like using a walk to build my appetite, or I can walk over to the Delachaise or the Columns for a cocktail and people watching.
So, this got me to thinking about what other neighborhoods offer such an array of options. Describe what area of the city you live in or would ideally live in to access your comfy, well-acquainted food and drink options, preferably on foot, maybe even biking. I'm not opposed to driving, but I am opposed to having imbibed many really great cocktails and then having to leave my car to take a cab, which is why this exercise is for "neighborhoods".
The FQ and CBD are probably the most saturated and optimal for the type of neighborhood I'm describing. However, there are other great spots and I want to hear about as many as you care to relate!

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  1. I live in Treme. It is a gold mine. Bywater, Marigny, French Quarter all within a walk or a short ride. It is Heaven.

    1. Which neighborhoods? All of them.

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      1. Really tough call here. You are correct that many, many neighborhoods are culinary "gems."

        The FQ, the CBD, Carrollton, Mid-City and even Metairie, have good cause to claim the title. For me, the winner is... the FQ, but only by a hair.