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Oct 13, 2012 01:36 PM

Last minute trip advice

Hi friends, hoping to get some last minute advice on places to eat while we are in London. Trip is very short, just three days, so we won't really have time for many dinners, especially since we have to prioritize some other things (theatre, family, friends, shopping).

Also, we have not yet booked a hotel. Advice on neighbourhoods with lots of fun cafes and eateries may decide our home base location so please let me know what you think. About us, big foodies, eat meat but love veggies. Prefer ethical food but adore donuts. Probably no fine dining this trip, but we love it. Maybe one fine dining lunch close to the hotel? Money not a huge object.

Is the restaurant at the Tate Modern good? I would also appreciate advice on a good pub or location close by the Tate Modern where it would be easy to meet a small group of drop ins for drinks and conversation in the evening.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Edit: looks like we are staying in Bloomsbury so recommendations nearby would be much appreciated!

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      Near Bloomsbury (Warren Street) I highly recommend Honey & Co which is only open at lunchtime, and is run by former Ottolenghi chefs.

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        Charlotte Street is nearby has a few good restaurants: Pied a Terre (FYI it does a fabulous value lunch time deal for a Michelin Star restaurant). Roka for Japanese Yakitori/Robata, and Fino for Tapas, are both good. Finally Bam Bou (used to be high end French influenced Vietnamese, now seemingly pan-Asian) used to be pretty solid a few years back, but last time I went was a bit bland...might have been an off night.

      2. This lists michelin starred set lunch prices in the UK
        Arbutus at approx £18 per person is roughly a mile from Bloomsbury

        Big UK museum/galleries tend to have quality dining options relative to other countries. The swan at the globe is recommended as an alternative to the tate modern restauraunt, its right next door and has a bar

        Donuts are best from St Johns bakery, sat mornings only, get there early and have a coffee from Monmouth, then onto Tate Modern?

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          I remember getting the donuts from St Johns Bread and Wine a few years ago. Do they still sell them there?

          1. re: limster

            Seems like they're now available from a few more locations as well.

            Tried any from the Hawksmoor or Harwood arms? How do they compare to St John's?
            They look real good:

            1. re: damien76

              Haven't been to either yet. Unfortunately, getting up early is not a particular strength of mine....but been on the to do list for a while.

              1. re: damien76

                I had donuts at the St John hotel a couple of weeks back and whilst good I don't remember being as impressed by them as the ones at the Harwood Arms.
                Haven't been to Harwood Arms for quite a while though so might just be rose tinted memories.

            2. re: damien76

              That Guardian link may have made my lunches immeasurably better! Thanks!

              1. re: damien76

                Thanks for the head's up, damien76 - those donuts look fantastic!

                kitcar - I probably should have mentioned that we will be coming directly from France (though this is my favourite cuisine for sure), so we might not end up doing more French food on this trip, probably pushing our luck. I did check out their menu, looks like a fantastic deal.

                greedygirl - nice tip on Honey & Co - I've read great things about them elsewhere, we'll have to check that out.

                Does anyone have a good tip for a good place for fish n chips? We'll be walking from Bloomsbury down toward Leicester Square and on to Westminister area/St. James and Hyde Park, so anywhere along that route would be ideal, but really anywhere in Central London would be fine.

                Thanks so much everyone for your helpful responses :)

                1. re: StarryFork

                  Golden Hind - off of Marylebone High St. (Near Oxford St.)

                  Master's Superfish - a few blocks from Waterloo Station

                  Rock and Sole Plaice - Endell St. Covent Garden

                  I don't think you can go wrong with any of the above and they seem the favorites of people who write here.

                  1. re: zuriga1

                    Master's rates amongst the best f & c I've had anywhere in the UK. Whilst Rock & Sole Plaice is amongst the worst - overcooked fish, greasy chips - and bleeding expensive for what it was, evn by London standards.

                    1. re: Harters

                      I never have eaten at Rock & Sole, but people often mention it here so I thought it could go on the list. Eater beware....