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Oct 13, 2012 11:33 AM

Takeout Soup in Marblehead?

I'm doing a show in Marblehead for the next few weekends and need to grab some quick pre-show dinners. I've enjoyed a few sandwiches at Manhattan Sandwich Company but with the chill in the air, I'm thinking some soup would hit the spot. What's a good place for non-dairy soup in the area?

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  1. shubie's, a gmet and take out market, has soups and you can taste them before purchase. i have had meh to good food there; sandwiches a gyp; some soups are good. Cafe Vesuvius got some recs on this board for their sdwiches, so maybe they have soup. Five Corners Kitchen has terrific food and i bet if you stopped in and explained about your show, they might let you get some takeout soup from them (but i've not tried this; we're just brunch regulars there, chris.)
    With the quality of Barry's foods(former Aquitaine chef) I doubt you would find better soup in town, if he has soup on his menu (dinner and brunch.) What kind of show, chris? if you have a few minutes, do drive yourself over to the harbor and take a short walk up to Fort Sewall>> what a glorious view!

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      Thanks for the recs! Five Corners is a supporter of the show but I haven't been there yet... we always seem to end up at The Hurricane or The Riptide for our post show socializing, since both are right around the corner from the theater. Last weekend we went to Fantasy Island. I thought Kowloon was bad but the food here is miles worse. Drinks aren't too bad though! I haven't actually made it into Shubie's yet but that sounds like one to check out.

    2. Soall Bistro has very good, somewhat Americanized Pho.

      Evans Deli has much better sandwiches than Manhattan IMO.

      Romanos has decent pizza.

      Village Roast Beef has a good North Shore Roast Beef sandwich.

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        Great, thanks for the recs! Pho is just the ticket for when I'm feeling a bit off. I had no idea Soall was in that shopping center, must have just overlooked it!

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          I had my heart set on Pho last week but called the order in too late for it to work out. I understand what you mean by "Americanized Pho" after looking at the menu and talking to them. I'm used to getting a variety of beef options (I prefer flank and brisket) but they only seem to offer tenderloin. I'm aiming for this for this weekend.

          I ended up at Shubies for tuscan white bean soup. It was fine, nothing to love but I didn't dislike it either. Neat place though, and some really interesting looking prepared dishes.

        2. The soup at the Thai place on Hawkes street is fantastic. Tom Yum is non-dairy. You might as well stay for the lunch special. Excellent food. Quiet. Relaxing. Bargain.

          Three Cod Tavern usually has a decent soup of the day. Often non-dairy. They are very nice about takeout. Worth a call.

          I am guessing that you must be working at MLT. Both of these are just a couple of blocks away.

          I'll admit that I like the Angus Chili at Crosby's soup/salad bar. I like that they have a bottle of Tabasco there to adjust it. And it's right in the middle of the "downtown"/Historic District. Crocker Park is mere steps away with plenty of park benches right at the harbor.

          As you have surely figured out by now, folks don't move here for world class food! So spend your time enjoying the history and the views and crazy locals while you are here. Enjoy!

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            The Thai place on Hawkes Street is Thai Market Restaurant? Tom Yum soup is one of my go-tos for show soups, I'm convinced the spiciness seems to fight the bugs off. :)

            Yes, I'm at MLT, it's great how close everything is. Thanks!