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Oct 13, 2012 11:17 AM

What the Hey? No Dry or Roasted Soybeans at Boston Area WF?

I wanted to add them in and try to make a 'healthier' snack mix (the old cereal/pretzels/pnuts thing). I know- ho ho ho, the human capacity for self delusion is limitless, right? Anyway, TrJ and WF are no longer carrying them! Wow, has WF forgotten its Bread&Circus roots? I guess I could take the currently voguish form- edamame- and roast them...... If anyone has seen them- dry or roasted unsalted-(hopefully closer to winchester than Russo's) plse let me know! thx much.

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  1. Probably can be found in H-Mart or any other Asian grocery store. If can't find already roasted ones, at the very least, I know that I have boughten dried soybeans there, but for the purpose of making soy milk. What is called edamame is the immature soybeans, so I'm not sure if those can be used for roasting. I think the dried soybeans would be better. Soak them first, then roast in oven.

    1. I have found them often at Stop & Shop in the produce section where they have prepacked nuts, dried fruit, etc. That was New Hampshire and Cape Cod, haven't looked yet in Boston. I'd be amazed if they didn't have it!

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        I have bought them at the Stop & Shop in Somerville by Foss Park (near the Rt 28/38/93 intersection).

      2. I'm actually at the Morrissey Blvd Stop and Shop and and checked for u. They have roasted unsalted soy beans near the "natural" foods. Aurora brand. In plastic containers.

        If they have them in Dot they are probably in their other stores too

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          c hamster, you are a VERY good person. thanks to all of you :-)

        2. Might pop in to Fastachi in Watertown to see if they carry them. They have a pretty big variety. I have been going through about a pound of roasted corn (corn nuts) every two weeks. Very addictive.

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          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            Fastachi has THE BEST corn nuts - I don't usually care for them at all, but even I find the Fastachi product addictive.

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              OC, you might also look for chocolate-covered soy nuts, I think at TJ's. DW bought those and they are quite good.

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                now bob,c hamster is a good person but you are a very baaad boy. I am going to work hard to erase the knowledge of those from my mind. And C Nuts as well . I had a maaaajor jones for the C things in college. but i do appreciate your thinking of me :-}

            2. WF does not have Bread & Circus roots. WF bought Bread & Circus, then digested them and passed them out the corporate bunghole.