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Oct 13, 2012 10:54 AM

Chophouse grille- Mahopac

Just saw a coupon on Double Take deals for this fairly new restaurant and wonder if it is worth it. Anyone been?

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  1. I went a couple weeks ago, I think it was a Thursday, and on the night we went you could get a bottle of wine half price. We really enjoyed the steak for 2 that we had, it was sixty something dollars and I think it came with 2 sides. I just checked their website and yes it was a Thursday when we got the half price wine, if you look under specials on their menu they have other offers also. We left very satisfied.

    1. I had the burger and fries...burger was out of this world good

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        we had a wonderful dinner there. The food was really good. I had filet and my husband had the skirt steak. We also had the large antipasto and that was really good.

      2. FYI, they're participating in Hudson Valley Restaurant Week, although the Double Take Deals offer may be just as good since you get to order whatever you want off the regular menu.

        1. We had a terrific dinner there last night. Service was great with a very enthusiastic, friendly waitress. My husband and I shared the dry aged porterhouse and I liked it better than Peter Luger's. I even loved my baked potato. Tables were well spaced and comfortable. We will go back for sure!

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            is that a special?
            I didn't see it on the online menu.

            Better than Luger's (the real one, in Brooklyn?) is pretty high praise.
            Especially as, by steakhouse standards, their prices seem unusually moderate.

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              Yes, it was a special. The waitress said it was their "signature" so I hope it's offered often! It was huge and the flavor was amazing. And I mean the original Luger's. Price is great - $68 for two, especially when you consider that Benjamin's steakhouse's porterhouse for two is $84!

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                The key to any of these places is to be consistent. I really hope the owners of Chophouse keep things high grade. It's all to often that many of these restaurants start off strong and then faulter fast. I believe it happened to the restaurant where the owners originally came from (I believe they were workers at Augies in Mohegan Lake). Best of Luck to them, I really hope they can keep it going.

          2. Went again last night - a group of 8 neighbors and had a wonderful meal. 2 couples did the dry aged porterhouse and it was great - still say it's better than Peter Luger's and a bargain at $68. Other entrees included two filets and a strip and salmon. All were deemed delicious. We shared fried zucchini and it was perfect - thin strips of zucchini lightly coated and fried served with marinara sauce. DH had tuna tartar, two shared a mussel/clam appetizer and Cesars salad. Service was very friendly and accommodating, food was great, ambiance anything but steakhouse stuffy. So far it was great twice. Third time will be the charm!

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              we have been 4 times now and consistant every time. Lats time had the mussel app and it was so delicious.

              This past friday they had B1G1F gift certicifates from 11-3. The line was HUGE