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Marina Farms on Centinela

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Is there any word about if and when Marina Farms will reopen after their fire?

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    1. re: echoparkdirt

      http://marinadelrey.patch.com/article... Guess they didn't make the opening in September target. I did happen to pass by the place a couple of weeks ago and it looked like there was progress being made on the repairs.

      1. re: Feed_me

        I think they're still a bit far from reopening. I saw them installing windows along the storefront that faces Centinela. The inside was not visible - dark as night.

    2. I am sad to hear they had a fire @ Marina Farms. Do you know if Go Veggie is still open or were they affected as well? Marina Farms has great holiday fruit baskets that are reasonably priced. I hope they open before the holidays.