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Oct 13, 2012 10:03 AM

Good indian from Marlboro?

Trying to find a good Indian restaurant somewhere near Marlboro. Trying to figure out whether it's worth driving further for better or, in other words, how to "map" or correlate distance with quality? Where to go for Indian dinner......

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  1. Good quality and reasonable price is Amaratti(?) (please excuse spelling as I'm on my phone) its on Rt 34 in Aberdeen short drive from most of Marlboro. 2nd suggestion for good food in a bit of a nicer dining environment is Masala(?) Rt. 9 in Manalapan. Good luck!

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      Amravathi. May be good for dinner, but the last few time we've gone for the lunch buffet, that has been mediocre.

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        Yes thank you for the name correction. I haven't been to the lunch buffet in a couple if years but it use to be good. I use to work in the area but have since relocated offices so it's a shame to hear they let the buffet go downhill.

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          Hit this place today. I am trying to introduce my 9 month old daughter to all types of food.. hoping the tastes will stick, as my 4 year old is now a fussy eater.

          Walked in, one other table seated. I asked if there was any wheat/flour in the dishes. The guy didn't really understand my question, but I gave it a shot. No reaction, fortunately! (I'm very sensitive to gluten). Of course, I avoided the obvious things like naan bread, and samosas. They only charged me $7.95 for the buffet.. and nothing for my daughter. She loved the tandoori chicken, saag (spinach), carrot pudding and ras malai. Everything was very mild. I left a big tip because she tends to make a mess. :)

          I WAS going to go to Masala Kitchen in Marlboro, but I read something on Yelp saying a guy went on a Saturday (Oct. 5) and they were locked up tight.. out of business? Does anyone know?

      2. There is a pretty good Indian place called Indian Grill.

        1. Indian Grill is in Manalapan

          1. I am no expert on Indian food but Masala is pretty good in that Shopping Plaza Off of Union Hill Road and Route 9 North

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              Yup, this is where we ended up last night. the decor was surprisingly nice for what I had been naively expecting! food was also quite good. nice flavors. Brought home enough for leftovers today. Will be going back.

              1. re: rikk

                Hey look at that I'm very happy you enjoyed! I would have to say its about the over all nicest Indian restaurant that I have ever been. Admittedly Indian is by far my least experienced dining experience but for me it takes the top spot! Glad you felt similar!