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Oct 13, 2012 07:16 AM

Moulinex Masterchef 750

I have the Moulinex Masterchef 750 (about 20 years old) and have misplaced my owner's manual. I would like to use one of the attachments for grating potatoes for latkes. I have used the discs but they shred the potatoes instead of grating. I'm not sure how to use what I think is the grating attachment. It might be a "ricer attachment" and I think I remember that food had to be cooked already to put through it. It is a bowl that replaces the food processor bowl and has 3 different size grating screens, a pusher blade, and a collar that goes on last.. It is the attachment on the far right in the attached photo. Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks, Lenore

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    1. re: todao

      Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, I had looked at those already and they did not provide the information I needed. Thanks again, Lenore

    2. Try this site. Click on the machine item, answer 4 questions, comment that it is good, and download.

      Hope this helps. Oh, the English instructions start on page 7.

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      1. re: dcrb

        dcrb - Thank you for the link. Unfortunately, it is the same one that I have found several times. It does not include instructions for the attachment that I am unfamiliar with. I have used most of the attachments many times - this one never. We are having some house renovations underway and I cannot locate the box with the owner's manual and cookbook. The machine is about 20 years old and still works like new. I don't know if it makes a difference, but it was purchased in Saudi Arabia. Maybe the American version did not have the same attachments. I cannot locate any information at all on this attachment. Basically I want to grate raw potatoes, I guess I will have to stay with the hand grater until I find my Owner's manual. Thanks again! Lenore

        1. re: lenorehig

          Sorry I could not help. I even looked at youtube to see if anyone had posted some user videos. No luck.

          Good luck on the renovation and I hope you find your manual.