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Oct 13, 2012 06:59 AM

Where can I buy a 1 gallon jar of cherry peppers??

I will buy a case of 4 if I have to. I want to stuff a bunch of them... Thanks!

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  1. I think I have seen these in Costco.

    1. Quart Jars are more common. Pretty certain you can get them at New Deal Fruit in Revere, Rosebud Farms in Everett (I think both are out of fresh for the season). Roberto's in Medford might have them but could be only smaller quantities, but have some homemade pickled peppers usually including cherries which are nicer. Bob's appears to brine their own in fairly large quantities, which they stuff, but probably also have the quart jars.

      1. If you know someone in the restaurant business, they can get them from Sisco. Also, check out the northend grocery stores, maybe J. Pace.

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          J Pace doesnt carry Pastene for whatever reason, They carry Cosmo's which aren't the same IMO.

        2. i'm guessing restaurant depot in chelsea. you can get a one day pass.

          1. Lucci's Supermarket in Wilmington - Pastene $8.99/Gallon

            Great Market, check out thier specials on the website!!!


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              Lucci's sounds great! I'll have to check it out when I'm in the area.

              Shaw's sells quarts of Pastene cherry peppers. I always have trouble finding cherry peppers in the condiment section in Shaw's and almost give up, so make sure to check the Pastene section. The jar in my fridge doesn't have a price on it, so I can't be precise, but I'm pretty sure it was $4.69 or so for the quart. There aren't any (at least in the Waltham store) with the other hot peppers and relishes in the condiment aisle. Don't give up!