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Oct 13, 2012 06:09 AM

2 lbs of fruit and veg pulp .

My better half has just come back from our local smoothie place with 2lbs of fruit and veg pulp.
Not sure what I can make with this.
Cakes or muffins maybe?
A challenged has been issued to make the best thing tomorrow afternoon.
Ideas gratefully received.


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  1. I would taste to see what seasoning would work and try it in a banana or zucchini type bread recipe.

    1. What about a fruit leather with the fruit pulp, and some fruit juice, or yes, quick breads. Or a fruit syrup to put over ice cream, or yogurt, or pancakes. You could even add the fruit pulp yo regular jam, and use it to make a bar(like those apricot jam bars). For the veg pulp, sautee it with onions, and garlic(a cup or so of pulp), & butter, evoo, and add it to cooked rice. Or use some of it in a pasta sauce. Or make a veggie lasagna.:) and can add some to meatballs.

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        My juicer came with a little booklet with some recipes for using up the leftover pulp after you make vegetable juice. Here is a link to the booklet as a PDF; the recipes start on p 38. You will have to play with them a bit since you can't control the actual fruit & veg content of the pulp, but it should be a good starting point.

        And here is a very promising recipe for a sweet bread made from whatever pulp is left in your juicer
        A friend of mine makes little muffins from her juicer pulp, mixed with eggs and flour - she totally wings it on the content, and they often don't rise but they're very yummy.

      2. I just re read the post, is it all mixed up?? If so, I have no idea what to make with it! Lol

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          Yep. It's all mixed up.
          Fennel, cucumber, ginger, mango, kiwi, apple, broccoli, strawberry and probably other stuff as well.

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            You'll need to taste it first. It may not be suitable other than as fertilizer. Seeds may be a problem. If it tastes okay, my thought would be to add water, boil it for a while, then pass through a food mill. Boil the resulting liquid into a syrup and from there, make either a jelly, jello salad mold, barbecue sauce, or salad dressing.

        2. Brandy!

          Or make a general purpose jam to use on tortes, or dilute it for a syrup.

          1. 2 lbs of pulp?

            Can you take a picture? I'm just dying of curiosity to know what 2 lbs of veg/fruit pulp looks like.