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Oct 13, 2012 04:43 AM

korean in albany?

any actual korean places in albany?

bulgogi... wings... sort of place.

thanks in advance.

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  1. Timwhoeatsalot, There are two possibilities in Albany. Kinnaree at 193 Lark St., btwn Washington Av and Spring St, serves Korean, Thai and some Japanese. Korean dishes such as Bul Go Gi, Jeyuk Bokkeum, Jang Au Gui, Kimchi Jjigae, Man Doo Guk, and Tteokbokki are some of their menu offerings.

    Mingle restaurant at 544 Delaware Av. is owned by a Korean Chef, offers a more eclectic menu, but also has Korean Shrimp & Vegetable Pancakes, Pan Fried Yakimandu, Korean Tacos, Bulgokee, Chap Chae and Ojingo Bokkum in addition to a few other Korean dishes.

    Both of these restaurants have been reviewed by the Times Union food critic within the last year.

    There is also a Korean restaurant in Latham, Kabuki, located in the Peter Harris Plaza. While I'm not aware of any food critic reviews of Kabuki, you can find comments about all three of these restaurants on Yelp.

    Please let us know about your experience at any or all of these.

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      I've been to Kabuki several times. For Japanese, not Korean.

      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        We hadn't been to Kabuki in at least a couple of years. After hearing that it was under new ownership, we decided to visit again to see what might be different. They may still be going through a period of transition since we had some different experiences from other recent reviews.

        First of all, I don't think they are serving Japanese food or sushi now. On Sunday of this last weekend there was no fish in the sushi case and the menu consisted of only Korean dishes - 28 in all. The electronic sign outside was still announcing both Japanese cuisine and Sushi. Second, the prices on our menu did not match with those mentioned by another recent reviewer who dined under the new ownership. Ours was a dollar less. Third, they have not updated their web page to show the new menu or to correct the cuisine being served.

        I inquired if they had beer or wine. I was informed that they didn't. Our server didn't know if they planned on obtaining an alcohol license. My wife ordered a soda ($1.95) and I had a hot tea (no charge) which was served in a glass. We were then promptly served bowls of miso and small salads. The miso had plenty of flavor and body and the salad had a good mixture of fresh greens with a dressing that I'm not prepared to say was the typical ginger dressing. It was good though.

        We started with sharing an order of Koon Mahn Doo ($10.95) - 9 good sized, grilled pork dumplings. These were delicious and would justify our returning. The pork and vegetable fillings were full of flavor.

        My wife ordered the Dol Sot Bibim Bahp ($13.95) - an assortment of seasoned Korean vegetables and beef over rice with spicy chili sauce and sesame oil served in a sizzling stone bowl. We've ordered this dish in other Korean restaurants and found it to be every bit as good here. The stone bowl was hot enough to crisp the rice and still too hot for our server to carry at the end of our meal.

        I had the Jahp Chae ($14.95) - grilled, transparent vermicelli noodles with Korean vegetables (carrot, onion, radish), mushrooms and slices of beef. This was another very flavorful dish with just the slightest bit of spiciness. I don't know if the banchan (side dishes) that were brought to our table were intended for both of our meals or just for one of us. If for both, they could have been more plentiful. In any event, I recall them consisting of kimchi, peppers, kimchi radish, vegetable pancake, and bean sprouts. All of which were good, especially the vegetable pancake.

        For timwhoeatsalot, they serve bulgogi, but not wings.

        1. re: Roger K

          Thanks for the updated report on Kabuki. I haven't been there in ages, but now you've made me want to go back!

      2. re: Roger K

        I just tried Mingle last night and thought the Korean dish I had was great. I don't know the name since it was a special, but it was marinated meats (beef, chicken, and pork) stir fried with kimchi and Gochujang and served with lotus root and sticky rice. Quite spicy but well balanced and a huge portion....