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Oct 13, 2012 02:31 AM

looking for a typical 'delicatessen' recipe please?

Hi - I need to recreate a typical 'delicatessen' recipe for a project? What would you say is a typical deli food? I was thinking a Reuben sandwich...but any suggestions would be really helpful. Thank you!

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  1. In the Philadelphia area it's known as a hoagie, elsewhere it's a sub or hero. Also, hot pastrami on rye with coleslaw and Russian dressing. A bagel with lox?

    1. Oooh, the Reuben's an excellent representation of delicatessen food. Rye bread is the ticket, and homemade Russian dressing. There's another version called the Rachel that calls for coleslaw instead of the 'kraut - I prefer a regular one though, because It's really the 'kraut I'm after when I go for a Reuben. Other things you could make would be stuffed cabbage rolls (filled w/ ground beef or pork, onions, rice...sort of a meatloaf-type mixture, then braised after the rolls are stuffed, in a sweet/sour tomato-based sauce. Cheese Blintzes are another option, whether you make them sweet or savory, or Piroshki. Mishmash soup, which is chicken soup w/ veg, noodles, kreplach AND matzo blls, which is a little trip to heaven in a bowl, and Knishes served up w/ hot mustard are great, if you're into baking today. Think about Latkes (potato pancakes.) Not all delis serve them all the time, but you're pretty bound to find them close to the holidays. Toasted "everything" bagels with a good schmear of best-quality cream cheese, thinly-sliced lox, capers, onion and tomato. And chopped liver - so easy and so delicious spread on rye bread or another bagel. If you need recipes for any of the above, I'll be glad to provide them.
      And don't forget about NY cheesecake. And noodle or potato kugel - so heartwarming and delicious
      I'm getting hungry! good luck w/ your project.

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        Oooo, or should I say Oy, chopped chicken liva! Please do share your recipe! I saw schmatlz in the store the other day and thought of CCL....tis the season!

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          Hey Byrdy,
          Here you go! Can be made a day or two ahead - it's best when the flavors have a chance to meld and mellow, and will last several days after you serve it, if you have leftovers. Just put what's left into a container and "glaze" it w/ schmaltz.. Read recipe before making; you'll need to have 3 hard-boiled eggs to hand, and you'll need a total of 5-7 T. schmaltz. I've actually used butter in a pinch, and while delicious, it wasn't quite right.
          Marci's Adaptation of Grandma's Gehatke (chopped) Leber (liver. ;)
          1 lb. chicken livers, cleaned. (cut off odd-colored pieces, and any veins or gooslop that you just don't like...)
          2 T. schmaltz, maybe a little more, maybe a little less (you'll need more than this, though..)
          3 medium onions, white or yellow, large dice. Red onions just aren't right for this.
          3 hard-boiled eggs
          2 T. Schmaltz
          salt and pepper, to taste
          Dice the onions, and saute them in the schmaltz until golden brown, about 10 minutes.
          Set aside while you saute the livers in the pan you cooked the onions in, cooking them to medium: nice and brown outside but pink (not red or brown) inside, turning once - maybe 5 minutes over medium high heat. Check by slicing into thickest part of liver.
          Set aside while you set up your grinder or processor. (can be hand-minced, but what a drag and what a mess...)
          Process or grind livers, onions, eggs, and add melted schmaltz and salt and pepper to taste. (A slow pulse w/ the knife blade is right if using a processor. If using a grinder or chopper, the large hole for the grinder, if a chopper, the large blade.)
          Mixture should not be entirely smooth; the little grainy bits of liver, and bits of egg and onion, are part of the CL experience and should not be missed. Serve w/ matzo, rye bread, or Russian black bread. Mixture should be served at room temperature. I love to make the perfect couch surfin' meal out of this and a mug of soup. :) I hope you enjoy! Eat, dollink; EAT!!

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            hit 'LIKE' button for this post, mamachef!

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              Haha, why am I not suprised you're a CCL fan, gingershelley?

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              Thank you, mamachef. Ill let you know how I do!

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                It'll be great and you'll do just fine, Byrdy. Just watch the livers carefully and don't let them get past a nice pink shade, because if they brown too much, your CCL will be crumbly and grainy, and that's just what you don't want. Good Luck!!

        2. I worked for a German style deli, which would have other foods than kosher. I'd say both of these are typical delis here, with lots of Italian influences too. Because I was thinking of an Italian hero, my favorite, with sides of potato salad and macaroni salad. And don't forget the pickle!

          1. Jewish deli? Kasha varnishkes
            Italian deli? Italian combo

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              Mmmmmm......Kasha varnishkes! One of my alltime favorites, AdamD.
              It seems like the OP wants Jewish deli recipes, evidenced by her gravitating towards the Reuben Sandwich.

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                I was thinking the OP might be interested in the concept of delicatessen in general, or looking to think outside the box? Because if this is a school project, extra points for knowing that "delicatessen" is a German word, so something German could be more authentic. Not sure what he's looking for myself, though, not enough feedback from him so far.

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                  All your responses are great!! Thank you :)

                  1. re: fifi

                    I'm sort of into deli, at least in the NY area, so let me know if you have any questions, and I'm sure others will help out too. To tell the truth, where I am now, it has evolved quite a bit into South American, very home made style, so it's a really interesting subject if you want to delve deeply.

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                  Olive oil or schmaltz? :) I confess to olive oil in my recent years, but I crave schmaltz when I am sick with a cold.

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                    Schmaltz, AdamD. I keep it to hand. I don't often use it, but some things just.aren't.right without it, right?

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                      I long for schmaltz, but its usually olive oil for us.........:(

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                    Kasha varnishkes make before Sandy. No power for 8 days, so now it will be tossed.

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                      THAT right there is a serious bummer, but a good thing it's easy to make.

                3. Where can I find a good Reuben recipe do you think?

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                    So simple, just use the best ingredients...good bread, good corned beef, good sauerkraut, good mustard.