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Oct 12, 2012 11:14 PM

The Lowry

Just had one of the strangest things that every happened to me in a restaurant in the twin cities occur. We went in for a late bite and drink and ordered drinks during their 10pm+ "happy hour". Well drinks are advertised as $3. We ordered bourbon on the rocks. Had two, and the tab was $9. When we questioned it, we were told that "on the rocks" drinks are served w/ special square ice and are a half an ounce more, and cost $1.50 more. If we wanted the "happy hour" price, we would have to order our drinks "on ice", not "on the rocks"! Has anyone EVER heard of such a thing?!

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  1. Sounds like that was prime time to talk with a manager. Even if true, the server (or bartender who served you) should have confirmed that you understood what you were ordering.

    Either way it sounds like.... well it sounds bogus from a marketing standpoint. I'd drop them a line and let them know that you feel that way. Blue Plate used to be very responsive to screw ups, etc. [They comped us 3 times in our first 3 visits to the Edina Grill when it first opened and kept offering us a return meal. It paid off as we started going there weekly for years.] I hope they've kept up their high level of customer service.

    1. That sounds like bait and switch. I have found restaurants being more contentious in the past few years at many places that I have been to more than a few times. The customer is always right is long gone. I have always felt if a place treats your right, you come back. I hope the extra $3 is worth the probably half dozen customers that will read your post and choose not to go there for HH.

        1. That's completely bogus - the restaurant should be spanked. The Lowry is completely off my list. Plus, any server/bartender who did not warn me of such a policy would not get a tip from me. As a former server, I almost never undertip. But for this - yes, indeedy.

          1. This place has been such a disappointment in so many respects. Mediocre food. Mediocre service. And stuff like the above. No one I know who lives in the neighborhood goes there, anymore. That tells you something.

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              I've been there a few times. First time, the bartender was great. Food was OK, nothing to write home about. Serviceable, if that's the low bar set. For what it is, and where it is, it does it's job. But again, the bar is set low.